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There are differences between laser engraving, laser engraving, and laser marking:

These terms are often interchangeable, but there are some differences between laser engraving, laser etching, and laser marking. Each process is unique and can be used for different purposes.


Laser Marking

Laser marking refers to when the beam interacts lightly with a surface, altering its properties and appearance.


This is done by moving a low-powered beam slowly over the material. It’s called discoloration and creates high-contrast marks, without causing any damage to the material.

  • Laser heating the material causes oxidation beneath the surface, turning it black.
  • To anneal the surface, it uses low temperatures on metal.
  • This is all done without affecting the surface.
  • Laser engraving and laser etching are two different types of laser marking.


  • This service is not available in all areas and it is rarer.
  • This is also known as laser coloration, laser dark marking, charring of plastic materials, and annealing of metals.
  • There are four types of laser marking that is common: annealing (carbon migration), foaming, and coloration.
  • This is a popular method for titanium and stainless steel parts in the medical device sector, but it can also be used on other materials.
  • Laser markers are ideal for bar codes and UID codes as well as QR codes, logos, and other identification purposes.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving involves the removal of a material’s surface by the laser beam to reveal a cavity. This exposes an image at eye level.


During engraving, the laser produces high heat which causes the material to evaporate.

The material is vaporized at each pulse, so it’s quick.

This creates a hole in the surface, which is visible to the eye and feels good to touch.

Repeat several passes to create deeper marks using the laser engraver.

While engraving is one sub-section of laser marking it can still be very different.


Laser engraving can be done in three ways: deep laser engraving, etching, and laser ablation. The difference is how the surface is and how much it is removed.

  • This is the best option for those who need something customized or personalized.
  • This is not the best way to mark safety-critical parts.
  • Maximum engraving depth in metals is 0.020″, but you can go as deep in graphite or other materials as 0.125″.
  • This is the fastest method to mark with lasers.
  • It is ideal for parts that are likely to see high wear.
  • This is used to engrave logos and serial numbers.
  • You can engrave almost any surface, including metal, plastic, wood, and leather.
  • A second important comparison is to see how laser engraving compares with traditional engraving.


You can do it on many materials.

It is easier to read than the traditional engraving on small objects, such as jewelry.

You have more font options.

The chance of product damage and deformation is less.

Laser engraving machines are more efficient than traditional methods.

Laser Etching

Laser etching is a subset of laser engraving. It occurs when heat from the beam causes the material’s surface to melt.


  • Laser beams use high heat to melt the material’s surface.
  • Melted material expands, causing a raised mark.
  • In etching, depth is usually less than engraving.
  • Laser etching, laser marking, and engraving are all different.


Laser etchers alter the surface finish of metals to increase contrast and reflectivity.

It takes out 0.001″ or less material.

You can do it on metal surfaces that are bare, anodized, or plated, as well as on polymers and ceramics.

Let’s go back and explain what a laser is, and how it works.


The acronym “Laser” stands for Light Amplifying by the Stimulated Emigration of Radiation. The laser has been one of the most powerful manufacturing tools that a company can utilize over the years.


To create a laser you need to raise the energy of the atoms. This allows them to emit light from their excited state.


But what is a laser doing?

We can understand what a laser is by looking at the second word of the acronym, amplification. After the beam of light has been created, it is amplified to create a focal point.


The atoms move and create weak light. As more energy is added to the light waves, the concentration of the light waves increases. Contrary to other forms of light, such as flashlights, the light rays from lasers have the same wavelength and are coherent. This is why it has such high energy concentration.


Who uses lasers?

Lasers are one of the most versatile inventions in modern times. Lasers can be found in nearly every industry.


  • Automotive
  • Industrial & Tooling
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Military & Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas, and many other things


Every industry has its own use for lasers. Lasers are often used in manufacturing, where they can be used for a wide range of tasks such as cutting, cleaning and drilling, marking, engraving, and marking.


There are many other methods to mark materials but they don’t offer the same quality or environmentally friendly markings as laser marking, engraving, and etching.



Considerations to consider when evaluating the right Laser Marking System:

These are the top things to consider when choosing the right model for you.

Surfaces for stationary or moving marking

Models that allow part marking at predetermined speeds are great for machines that need to be integrated into a continuous processing line.


Speed of the line

Different systems will produce different results depending upon the rate of part production due to the different properties of the laser wavelengths and their power. High-speed production lines will require high wattage markers to mark all in-process parts.


Material to be marked

Laser markers are versatile, as we will see. The marking materials you are working on will determine the type of marker you choose. Fiber lasers work well with metals, while non-metals are best served by CO2 lasers.


Environment conditions

Some machines are sensitive in work environments with high levels of dust, shock, and vibrations. Others are more robust and can withstand these conditions.


Expected Workload

Laser machines that are slow may not be able to handle heavy workloads. It could prove more economical to use fiber lasers for marking metals than CO2 lasers in the long term.


After-Sales Services

Sometimes machine operation and setup can be complicated. While most laser markers require little maintenance and have a long life expectancy, it is worth looking for a local supplier or someone who can offer immediate assistance when choosing the equipment.


Understanding the five types of laser markers

Fiber laser

In recent years, fiber laser marking technology has been a highly sought-after direct part marking technology.


Fiber Laser Marking machines have power levels that range from 20-50 Watts. They are among the most powerful laser marking machines on the market.


These machines are great for engraving or depth etching. They can also be used to engrave on hard metals.


Fiber lasers can be used to cut very thin metals or small-component batch marking with high beam quality and smaller spot sizes thanks to larger lenses.


Color marking:

This type of marking is used to create different colors by changing the speed, power frequency, and pulse width. You can achieve the best results with color marking on stainless steel or aluminum, particularly if you use a mopa fibre laser marker.


Color removal is another form of color marking. This involves removing the color from coated materials in order to expose material of a different hue. This technology is most commonly used to make fittings, labels, and packaging materials.



This involves the hardening of metal surfaces using a laser. It also allows for various colors to be created in what is called color laser marking. This process can produce many shades of yellow, red, and green with different materials.



This refers to the type of treatment that makes the target area lighter than the rest.



Carbonizing is the process of destroying carbon bonds in order to create darker areas. It does not affect the material’s surface. It is most commonly used to make light plastics and organic material.


Night and day marking

Fiber laser technology can be used for markings that are legible during the day and easily illuminated at night. This technology can be used for applications such as dashboards, reflectors and number plates, watches and Health and Safety signs.



Fiber laser markers provide excellent beam quality and are suitable for use on many surfaces. The high level of filtration in monochromatic light beams can make it possible to adjust the power of one type of beam so that you can work on multiple surfaces.

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