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You don’t have to be able to shop online to be happy, although it may be true. It’s not impossible to believe that brick-and-mortar stores will disappear in our lifetime. Online shopping is a great option for older women who sometimes have trouble finding the right clothing.

I love to think of the automobile’s birth many, many years back. Most people at that time thought cars were a passing fad.

They may have believed they were just getting along, riding their buggy and walking. Look at the distance automobiles have taken us.

Online shopping is something I believe can help us all at one time or another. You will feel more at ease the more you use it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the small shops in my town and support them. Sometimes, it’s easier to shop online.

When I was growing up, I remember that many people used catalogs to shop. The internet has made it so that you don’t have to see as many catalogs. You can shop online just like you did when you bought items from the Sears catalog or Avon catalog.

My personal experience with online shopping

Let me show you an example of how a conversation with my stepmom went (the 60+ model in my blog). Nancy commented that she couldn’t find blush shoes anywhere.

I asked her where she’d been and she replied that she had been to at least four stores. I was able to find at least five pairs for her on the internet, all under $50 and with her preferred heel height.

I was able to email her the links within 10 minutes, without needing to drive from one store to another. She bought one pair and she loves them!

Since I’m a fashion blogger, I do have the benefit of an affiliate shopping site. It is easier to find specific items on my blog. Google is able to do similar item searching.

As a fashion blogger, my focus is on clothes and wearables. Many of the concepts I highlight can be applied to other products. My husband and I have purchased bathroom sinks, rugs, and technology online in the past.

The Size Up Problem

Many women will say that online ordering is not accurate. Or that they don’t know the color. These are valid points. Shopping is shopping. Sometimes, purchases don’t turn out as planned even if you purchase the item in a brick-and-mortar store.

But, I like to consider both the pros and the cons of any topic. Let’s look at the positives if we take into account the cons.

Online Shopping: The Good Side

Online shopping is a great alternative to shopping in stores if your clothing size falls into one of these categories: plus, petite, or tall.

As Nancy mentioned, you may be able to find the item you need online if it isn’t available in your local area. This is especially true if you are looking for something seasonal.

Have you ever had to buy a swimsuit in August at the shops? It’s almost impossible to find a swimsuit in my area!

Shopping can be difficult as we age. This is especially true if your hip or knee are hurting. This situation is less stressful if you are able to sit at the computer.

Steps to Online Shopping Success

You are an already a seasoned online shopper, and you feel confident doing so. Let me show you the steps I took to help you if you haven’t had much success in this area.

Identify the website

You can search for the item using Google or, if the item is found on a blog you can click the link. The fun starts now that you’re on the store’s site.

Refer to the Return Policy

This is my absolute next step. It is not worth getting excited about an item if it is difficult to return. There will always be times when your options don’t work.

In fact, I often order more than one item (more details are below). Being able to return one or more items is a great option.

The majority of sites have a return policy located at the bottom or the homepage. You should see a link to shipping, handling, and returns.

It’s important to ensure that you can return any item to the brick-and-mortar store easily. Some sites offer free returns. Others don’t. It is up to you to decide how to proceed. However, I prefer to return them to the brick and mortar store – unless they offer free shipping.

You should be cautious about dealing with companies from overseas. While they shouldn’t be trusted, you should still consider your options (see below). It is because their return policies can be difficult or not economical.

Review Products

It’s invaluable to see what other customers think of the same product. However, reviews can be subjective. If everyone thinks the shoes are too big, then you can order them accordingly.

This is similar to reading hotel reviews online. It’s suspicious to me if there are no complaints or dislikes. However, reviews can give great feedback.


This is particularly important if ordering from overseas companies! I will explain the differences to you so that you can make informed decisions in the future.

Many companies overseas provide exact measurements. This is unlike the case with other companies. If your chest measurement measures 37 inches, that is the size of the blouse you would order.

The blouse is too small for overseas companies because it has no additional room. So that your 37-inch chest is covered, you will need to order a larger size.

It is easier to order smaller items if you aren’t sure whether to order larger or smaller. It is sometimes difficult to order larger items.

It is crucial to carefully examine the clothing item you are looking at. Many of us need items adjusted to fit our needs.

Take a look at the piece, and consider your body. 3/4-length sleeves are a good choice if your arms are shorter and you have a tendency to wear most of the sleeves down.

Also, consider the model’s height and size. It may look like a mini-dress on a model 5’10”, but it does not mean that it cannot be perfect length for someone 5’0″.

Multiple Sizes

Once you are familiar with the site’s return policy, it is a good idea to order several sizes. A lot of people bring a few sizes with them to the fitting room. Why not take some home and try them on?

Consider Colors

It is important to know that online shopping is not complete without knowing the color of the item. Another reason to be aware of the return policy is Although it may appear blue on the outside, it appears greener on your computer monitor. It’s even teal when it’s in your closet!

This is a great advantage of shopping online! You can compare the item with your other clothes to determine if it matches and works.

If it doesn’t, it will be returned. You can’t compare the new item to your entire wardrobe until you get home from shopping in stores.

No Shipping Charge

Many websites offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount. If you are only looking for one item, this can make it difficult to get free shipping.

You can counteract this by buying more. You can buy more gifts, such as undies or essentials, or find something that you didn’t know you needed.

Shoplazza Coupons 2022

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