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Advantages of Shoes and Why They’re So Important

If you’re able to go to any shop and choose the hundreds of types, sizes, and colors of shoes it’s easy to consider the quality of your footwear for taken for granted. However, this isn’t the case for many living in areas of poverty such as Central America, the Caribbean, West Africa and Central America. In reality, more than 600 million people in the world don’t have even a single pair shoes.

This is a huge mistake as the significance and benefits of footwear shouldn’t be ignored. Wearing shoes that are safe and have the right fit is vital to ensure your health and well-being.

Shoes prevent foot issues

Not wearing shoes for too long, or wearing shoes that aren’t fitting properly can lead to:

  • Corns
  • Toenails that are ingrown
  • Fungal nail infections
  • The foot of an athlete

Over time, more serious problems can develop. Bunions may develop which can cause painful and disfigured feet. An inability to maintain proper support for the feet can cause arches to collapse and could cause severe joint pain.

Shoes help relieve pain

One of the functions that shoes perform is cushion the force of our walking however, shoddily (or the absence of shoes) could throw your entire body off-balance. If the shoes aren’t equipped with enough cushioning or permit a straight stride, pain can be an almost inevitable result. The knees, ankles and hip joints, and lower back joints are all affected by poor footwear. In general, pain is a problem that limits mobility which makes it difficult to do the normal tasks of daily life.

Shoes protect against Infections

In many parts in the world sanitation is lacking and diseases are widespread. Shoes are not worn in areas that do not have proper methods of disposal for human and animal waste can lead to worms that are parasitic and also foot-related diseases. These infections can be fatal or even fatal. Walking barefoot places us at risk of getting hookworms as well as tick bites and other injuries. In case you step on broken glass or nail polish that has rust, having an unpleasant experience with a prickly weed or getting itchy rash due to poison ivy is also a concern. Many of us who live here in America United States are very lucky to have access to a variety of pairs of high-quality footwear and it is not uncommon to put off wearing shoes until they’re truly old and worn.

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