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The Way to Decide on a Water Proof MP3 Player

Like most electronics, there are many technical details To consider before purchasing a waterproof MP3 player. The battery life, storage capacity, and noise quality are just some of these qualities to think about. This guide will allow you to make a confident, informed decision while you consider each one of these aspects.

Water Proof Technology:

Waterproofing is a Trusted type of technology, however, some Manufacturers may be vague about the specific details. Certain products will establish a mp3player is waterproof as much as 10 feet; whereas the others are going to only state that it’s waterproof. As such, waterproof MP3 players should just be used in shallow depths for lap swimming or lounging at the beach or pool. The waterproof technology is complex enough to ensure that all products will always be functional provided that they’re used precisely. It’s difficult to watertight MP3 players beyond 10-feet because button-pushing in conjunction with water pressure might endanger the apparatus’s waterproof seal.

Size & Buttons

While the size of a waterproof MP3 player does not appear to In addition, the shape in the mp3player was created can significantly affect how suitable it is to use. For instance, the Speedo® Aquabeat is determined by the larger end of waterproof MP3 models, but its size allows it to also have large, intuitive buttons and also fit comfortably in the hand should necessary. On the other hand, minimalists may prefer a more compact model like the Finis® Swimp3 which can be somewhat cumbersome.

In Addition, harness fashion is another point of Preference that varies greatly. Some watertight MP3 players possess armbands that maintain them securely attached with a physique. Additional MP3s have less profile to affix to swimming masks or snorkeling masks. 1 style does not have a specific advantage over the other: It is only a matter of personal taste, then one you ought to take into consideration when making a buy.

The technical characteristics of MP3 players could be a little Overwhelming in case you’re not a lot of a techy. Listed below are some features that may Have a waterproof MP3 player:

Pause and shuffle capability: Pause the present monitor or Shuffle your playlist to play music randomly.

Playback mode: Duplicate current track, repeat playlist, Shuffle playlist, shuffle, and repeat playlist. Perhaps not all these purposes could be included in most mp3player’s playback manners.

MP3 and WMA compatible: Can perform .mp3, .mpeg, .wma media files. USB interface: USB port lets the MP3 player to join directly to a computer with a USB cable.

Both PCs and Macs.
Next / previous path: Power to bypass tracks or move to Previous tracks on the fly.

Drag and drop playlists: Ability to readily handle your Playlists through mp3player’s applications on the computer.


If You Have a pair of waterproof earphones, they will most likely Work with the watertight MP3 players given that they work with a regular audio connector. When in doubt, it’s best to use the included ear phones since they’ve been tested and proven to work with that particular MP3 player. Sometimes a poor quality or incompatible earphone can lead to the sound jack connection to corrode, and also the watertight seal to eventually become endangered.

Storage Capacity & Type

Most watertight MP3 players may have between 24 gigabytes Of storage. A typical MP3 file is 45 megabytes so each GB of storage is roughly 200 250 songs.

  • 500MB: 100-125 songs, approximately 6 hrs of music. 1GB: 200 250 songs, approximately 12 hrs of music. 2GB: 400-500 songs, approximately twenty-four hrs of music. 4GB: 800 1000 songs, approximately 48 hrs of music.
  • 500MB: 100-125 tunes, Approximately 6 hours of music.
  • 1GB: 200 250 songs, Approximately 12 hours of music.
  • Approximately 24 hours of music.
    4GB: 800 1000 tunes, approximately 48 hrs of music.
  • 8GB: 1600-2000 tunes, Approximately 96 hrs of music.

Waterproof MP3 players typically possess internal storage that You’ll manage via a USB connection with your computer. A few, nevertheless, might use external memory such as a microSD card or memory cards. If you are new to these terms, you’ll want to assess just what type of memory card the mp3-player uses and research what your computer is compatible with. This is a matter that many computer savvy individuals would be aware of, then when in doubt: Ask a friend or relative to assist you.

Battery Life:

All watertight MP3 players will have an Integrated battery to Make recharging simple and convenient. The majority of waterproof MP3 players will probably possess 6-8 hours of battery life. Typically, they’re designed to continue long enough to get a couple trips to the pool on a single fee. Anything more could need a larger battery, which would produce these devices bulkier.

Doublecheck Your Truth:

As with major purchases, You Want to test each Feature individually and carefully to confirm you are actually getting What you buy for. Never assume a feature is contained if It Isn’t explicitly stated. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact customer service that you Be sure your experience with the item is likely to be a positive one.

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