August 2019

Sewer Camera Inspections Cut Down on Maintenance Costs August 2019

Almost everyone experiences drain or sewer backups at some time. They are more than a little difficult to deal with, but they will happen, as your pipes age. Having sewer camera inspections at periodic intervals can quickly identify the causes of problems. They will also allow your plumbing professional to determine whether this is a one-time problem or an issue that may recur.

Sewer and drain video inspections are able to identify aging and deterioration, intrusive tree roots or other issues, without digging holes in your yard. This saves a lot of money and hassle.

What Is the Process for Sewer Camera Inspections?

Professional technicians use drain inspection camera systems with software that relays all the images back. In this way, they can assess the integrity and structural condition of your sewer or drain. No property is disrupted and neither is the environment. It usually takes less than two hours for a thorough home sewer inspection with video cameras.

What Are Some Indications of Drain or Sewer Problems?

Foul odors are one indicator of sewer problems. They are caused by vents that will only allow outgoing airflow, or by water in your drain traps. If water in your drain trap evaporates, that odor can go up through the drain into your home. If you have a damaged vent pipe or some pipes that are not properly jointed, outdoor air pressure may force the odors into your home.

Backed-up sewer lines occur when there are blockages in your line. This may include crushed pipes, a buildup of grease, debris or the intrusion of tree roots.

Unusual lawn growth and color in one area of your yard may mean that your sewer line is leaking waste and water right into your lawn. This one area will take in all the extra moisture, along with the waste, which can be a nutrient for grass or plants. These areas may appear different in the color of the grass or plants and it may grow faster. This is a good indicator of an outside sewer leak.

What Can Sewer Camera Inspections Identify?

Inspections of your line with cameras can locate piping materials that have deteriorated, or cracks in the pipe that connects the municipal sewer line to your house. It will locate any leaking joints in pipes or intrusion of tree roots into your sewer. Debris that is blocking your line will be found with the camera, as will any separated lateral joints. The video feed will also show any loss of positive slope in your drain

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