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Top 10 Direct Mail Keys:

1. Grow a visual awareness of what works and what doesn’t. You’ve got an abundance of study materials right inside your mailbox. Next time you go through your email, have a moment to examine what is there, what catches your attention, what brings you and what annoys you. Do you have examples of prior campaigns you have sent out? Or pieces from your opponents that you can learn from? “Junk mail” has a special style–learn to realize it and think about how it is possible to make the reverse.

2. Don’t insult your chances’ intelligence by using cheesy Tag lines or see-and-say artwork. Believe it or not,”FREE MONEY” does not draw much attention at the inundated universe of today’s consumers. Therefore avoid using bold with italics, ALL CAPS, along with multiple exclamation points (!!!!), since these will be the cliched visual cues of spam mail.

And try to be innovative in what you do the show. Make a point Of avoiding see-and-say graphics, which can be too elementary to activate and involve the mind of a prospective customer. For instance, let’s say you were sending out a book to your lawn-care service which reads”Lawn-Mowing Service” and the photograph or illustration depicts a company employee mowing a lawn. (See a picture of worker mowing lawn. Boring! Rather, be more creative.

In their minds of how your service or product solves a problem that they have. In the example above, you could demonstrate the uniformed employee mowing the lawn but possess the caption read”Honey, did you throw the yard today?” “Yeah, it’s a tough job, but someone had to do it.” That way, the audience needs to determine the movie. They might complete the riddle such as this: “What’s this guy taking credit for mowing the lawn? Since he hired that this lawn-mowing support and got the task done. Maybe I really could relegate my lawn-mowing responsibility such as this guy did.” Involving your audience lengthens the time that they take to check out your mailbox and improves the chances they’ll take in the info they need to make a choice for your company. Humor may also play a fantastic role in these visual stories.
3. Do not assume your audience understands everything. An educated Customer is one that’s more prepared to make a purchase. Your headline must draw attention to your own body copy, which is your most powerful selling tool. Ignore what people say about how no one reads –if compelled with a great headline and sparking vision, a possible client will want to have more information immediately. Directing them to a website or phone number is requesting a lot of your viewers, so instead, include essential information right on the mail piece. When writing copy, begin from the beginning, be lead, and also include as much information as possible in five sentences or not. Chances are, the reader is scanning, so use words which are easy to comprehend but are descriptive enough to accurately communicate your message.

4. Use what you know. If you know your clients inside and Out, by all means, utilize that information on your mail piece. Meeting your prospective customers where they are is a great method to attain confidence quickly. Become familiar with your market so that you are able to be specific on your mailing list. Consider demographics like gender, age, income, climate, leisure pursuits and much more when deciding where to trade each piece. The longer you use information that’s been more straightforward in years past, the greater your response rates will likely be.

5. “You Won’t Believe This Wonderful Offer!” At Least that part is accurate when it has to do with your prospects–individuals are more skeptical nowadays. Thus do something totally unusual along with your direct mail piece: Tell the truth. Exposing your flaws make your strengths appear even greater, and (yes, consider it) generates a sense of trust and honesty. Consider this example: A flooring company has”the best fashions at the best prices.” Though the claim sounds appealing, it doesn’t have exactly the same believability (consequently response-eliciting) variable as a bit that asserts”the exact styles at the best prices.” Developing a trusted message permits consumers to establish optimistic expectations, instead of refuting any false ones they might be reading. And when prospective customers set expectations, then you can bet they’re ready to have a hazard on your enterprise.

6. Ask and you will receive. Know precisely what actions you Need your email piece to elicit, and then ask for it. Then inquire. This is known as the call-to-action from the realm of direct email, and it is the consumers’ cue for getting exactly what they need. When there’s no call-to-action, your direct mail piece is merely creating brand recognition. Can there be a number to phone? Do not just record the number–ask them to make the call. Is there a site to visit? A response mail required? Ask, suggest and entice your audience to respond to your piece. Get the data accessible, simple to read and effective–that can mean making some changes in the office, whether that is a designated telephone line or a more memorable address.

7. Think about the moderate. What will your message be delivered on? Postcards are a powerful medium for the majority of products since they cut down a barrier (the envelope) involving the consumer and the message. But some direct mail is more appropriate when created as a letter, especially those that involve high-dollar earnings and financial solutions.

Think carefully about your product and your message before Making a determination about the medium. No matter what structure you choose, consider The newspaper your message will be published on. Inexpensive paper communicates Something very different from high-quality paper. If you are selling anything That’s considered expensive, high quality or custom, a nice paper will Communicate that message much more effectively than something cheap. The flip side, the type of paper you select makes little difference when You are selling things that are cheap, sold at volume rates or discounted. Deciding what’s best for your direct mail piece will improve your reaction Rates exponentially.

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