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10 Tips on Taking Lifestyle Stock Images:

Prepare your versions

Create a comfortable shoot environment for your models before you start shooting some lifestyle images for stock. It’s extremely important to start a dialogue and create confidence with your team. It leaves the people that you use feeling as they can trust you as an expert and that the shoot will be a success. Ask these questions, tell stories, and keep the dialogue going.

Scout your location before you take

Scouting your place beforehand can save a Whole Lot of Potential roadblocks down the road. Consider taking a look at online tools such as blogs or Google Maps. Take notes of which path the sun is confronting at that time, which means that you may plan what time of day is best for the shoot you are attempting to achieve.

Prepare any insides

Make Sure that you get rid of any mess or branded Product if you’re shooting inside a house or office environment. Anything which does not increase the story should be removed. A dirty house is not a house that is ready for a photo shoot, and give it a good, thorough sweep before you begin shooting to be certain everything is good to go.

Don’t create your environment too perfect

Try to refrain from obsessing over with every detail of Your picture absolutely clean and stylized. You should give the surroundings and people you’re shooting some room to come to life. Having slightly lived-in details is a great way to get this done. It retains an image from looking boring and unrealistic.

Shoot at the best time of day

Typical postcard images on billboards and ads are A thing of the past. No longer are customers on Shutterstock only searching for the ideal sunshine day in a perfect setting. Instead, individuals are attempting to find lived-in, authentic imagery that highlights a lifestyle they might respect.

Those moments are usually highlighted by moodier light Situations, for example, golden hour or overcast days. Take if the lighting is in a very low, almost neutral point for the best impact in these types of lifestyle stock images.

Decide on a place that’s a variety

You Can Have a listing of your favorite places, however, do they Provide variety? Confirm they do, because then you give yourself more opportunity to find varied content when you are on a shoot, with nominal attempt to move about and adjust places. The more variety you can escape a single place, the better.

Locate a frame in a frame

Find shapes inside the environment you’re shooting to make A-frame in a frame. This is an excellent way to include more details, without overcomplicating your image. Search for anything environmental or architectural such as arches, windows, trees, or flowers. Framing in a composition can add a sense of depth and sophistication to a picture and draw an audience.

Diversity is obviously Significant

We constantly promote diversity in uploaded images to all Shutterstock picture marketplaces. That includes diversity in age, gender, abilities, ethnicities, physique, and more. We encourage pictures that showcase the beauty of life, lived to its fullest as well as the incredible people that constitute our diverse world. Showcase individuals from all walks of lives in your uploaded lifestyle stock images. We love the diversity in content here at Shutterstock.

Immerse the viewer into the moment

“That would be me”

It is the sense tourism and traveling clients Search for When they browse traveling lifestyle stock images on Shutterstock and Offset. Produce a conversation out of the pictures you create. Including a human component in your photos is a wonderful first step to achieving this. By doing this, you form a real connection with an audience which may love being in this moment.

Bring wardrobe Choices for versions

Ask your models to appear to your shoot with a variety of Changes of unbranded clothes. Changing wardrobes is a very Straightforward and effective Way you’ll be able to achieve variety at any given place. The wardrobe choices you Select should complement the sort of situation you are shooting, without taking Focus away from the general story.

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