Samsung Refrigerators: A Look At Samsung RF197ACRS December 2023

Samsung RF197ACRS is the most ideal unit for a small family (2-3 people). It has a capacity of 27.8 cubic feet and a number of great features such an easy to open handle in the freezer that makes it very easy to access the freezer. The handle opens and closes easily regardless of how full the unit is; therefore, even if the freezer is at its maximum, you won’t have any problems.

Aiseesoft Coupon CodeThis is unlike the freezers with drawers. While the drawers are easy to open and you can see everything inside, they are difficult to close especially when the freezer is full.

The unit also has a quick cool or freeze feature that allows you to a compartment and bring the temperatures down to your liking. For example, you can take the temperatures down such that a bottle of wine is cold enough to serve quickly.

You can also freeze the meat to the temperatures of your liking. The good side is that this feature runs across both the fridge and freezer.


In addition to the pros brought about by the features above, the unit has other advantages. For example, it has a twin cooling system that aids in ensuring that the foods and drinks in the lower and upper compartments remain fresh regardless of the time they are stored.

The energy star rating means that the unit consumes less power when operating; therefore, you pay just small amounts of money.

The stainless steel finish ensures that unit compliments the design and décor used in the kitchen. The stainless steel finish also ensures that the refrigerator has a flawless design that is great to look at.

The inbuilt sound reduction technology reduces the amount of noise that the unit makes when operating. This aids in ensuring that there is no noise in your house.

The one year warranty covers both labor and part; therefore, once you buy the unit you won’t be required to cover any expenses that result due to manufacturing faults.


Just like everything else, the unit has a number of flaws. One major flaw is that unlike other units, this refrigerator does not have the LED lighting technology. As a result of this you always have problems searching through the contents especially at night.

To maintain the original polish you need to regularly clean the refrigerator which can be unappealing to many people. This is because the regular cleaning means more work.

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