Samsung Galaxy S5: Top Features January 2023

Samsung launched its highly anticipated flagship, the Galaxy S5, in a well-attended event at Barcelona, Spain. As is generally the case with the company’s high-end Android devices, the smartphone comes with an extremely rich feature set. Here are smartphone’s top features.

1. Great Design
ParetoLogic Coupon CodeThe Galaxy S5 has the same great design – rounded corners, slim bezels and a home button – as its predecessor, the Galaxy S4. The main difference between the two devices is the Galaxy S5’s dimpled back cover, which makes it much easier to hold.

2. Excellent Display
The device comes with a large, 5.1 inch display, perfect for watching movies and surfing the web. Due to its high resolution, you will be able to see even the tiniest of details without struggling. Rich colors, high contrast and wide viewing angles round up the list of things that you will like about this phone.

3. Speed
The smartphone is extremely fast thanks to a powerful four-core processor under its hood. This is paired with a whooping three gigabytes of RAM, meaning that you can open a large number of applications without slowing the device down. In addition, an extremely potent graphics processing unit ensures that games run without a hitch.

4. Superb Cameras
Samsung’s high end Android phones tend to have great cameras, and the Galaxy S5 maintains that honorable tradition. The rear-facing camera has a resolution of sixteen megapixels and takes great photos, particularly in bright light. A special night mode and an LED flash guarantee that you can capture relatively good photos and videos in low light and total darkness. The front-facing camera has a more sedate two megapixel resolution, which is perfectly serviceable for selfies and video chatting.

5. A Long Lasting Battery
The device comes with a high capacity battery that can power the device for two days with moderate use. Where needed, you can improve its staying power by activating Samsung’s special Ultra Power Mode. It is also removable, which gives you the option of carrying extra ones in cases where you will be unable to access power outlets for several days.

6. Latest Software
The smartphone comes with KitKat, the latest version of Android. Apart from the underlying operating system, all of Samsung’s proprietary applications, including the Touchwiz user interface, have been updated.

7. S-Health
The S-Health application can help you improve your health in several ways. A pedometer counts your footsteps then uses that information to calculate your calorie use. The fitness coach, on the other hand, helps you set and attain fitness-related goals. The phone even comes with a heart-rate monitor. The reader is located next to the camera flash.

8. It is Waterproof
You can take selfies in the shower or take calls while bathing courtesy of the phone’s IP 67 certification. Those two numbers allow you to plunge the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a pool of water that is no more than a meter deep, and leave it there for up to thirty minutes. For maximum protection, you should ensure that the back cover and the small flap that protects the USB port are always in place.

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