Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha – The Metal Frame Smartphone April 2024

Samsung has been making cell phones with the same materials for a long time, and it has worked well. The organization got maximum sales while pushing gadgets made of plastic with faux-leather, but then things got bad. Samsung’s sales started to decrease and apparently mediocre designs are the reason. Samsung has launched Galaxy Alpha in its rectifying effort. The new smartphone has smaller screen, metal frame and relatively smaller memory than S5. In addition Galaxy Alpha is comparatively a new design as what Samsung has been producing in past years.

Muvee CouponsThe metal form is constantly being promoted for Alpha, even to a point that one would expect that the whole gadget is made of metal. However, it just has a metal casing around the edge, supplanting the plastic painted to look like metal that used to be a part of Samsung’s previous cell phones. The back cover is still made of plastic and is removable to uncover a 1,860 mAh removable battery. The Alpha likewise has a built-in 32GB storage, 2GB RAM, and 12MP camera.

The Alpha is not intended to be a successor or substitution for the Galaxy S5. The screen on Alpha is more modest at 4.7 inches, yet it is just 1280×720. It does still depend on Samsung’s standard Super AMOLED tech, however. Considering the 720p places, this model clearly lies in Samsung’s mid-range offering.

Heading off to 720p is a good decision for Samsung. The lower resolution implies that the display will utilize considerably less power than a full HD one would, and that takes into account the utilization of a thinner lithium-ion battery. The overall gadget is consequently more slender and lighter; it is just 6.1mm thick and 115 grams. By correlation, the Galaxy S5 is 8.1mm thick and 145 grams. The screen has a thickness of 312 pixels for every inch, which is great. However Samsung’s AMOLEDs utilize a Pentile subpixel arrangement, which can deliver blurriness with this resolution.

The lower resolution screen will additionally serve to make the gadget more responsive, to better rival with iPhone. The new Alpha by Samsung has an Exynos 5 Octa processor, which is believed to have no difficulty pushing the pixels on a 720p screen. While the Galaxy S5 was a responsive smartphone, yet Samsung’s gadgets have a tendency to get a bit slower with time. However, Alpha will assuredly evade that. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a support against some disappointing trends for the world’s biggest cell phone creator.

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