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Electric bikes: The pros and CONS

As we wrap the discussion on electric bikes, it’ll be helpful to give an overview of essential details we’ve discussed so far. In this section Section 9 will summarise a lot of what you’ve learned and will combine it into a comprehensive overview of the advantages and disadvantages that come in owning an electric bicycle. Like the other items in this buyer’s manual, this list should be useful to you in your journey through the maze of electric bikes looking for the perfect bicycle.


Low cost transportation – especially in comparison to other types of transport, electric bikes are definitely one of the least expensive methods of getting around. With electric bikes, you don’t have to worry about having to pay for any kind of registration or license and you won’t need to pay for parking fees, as well as the expense of charging the battery is much less than the cost of public transportation as well as a tank of gasoline.

Improved health – Utilizing an electric bicycle as part of your daily commute is a fantastic option to add an element of physical exercise into your routine and will significantly enhance your overall health. When you use electronic bikes, it gives you time and space to work out your lungs, muscles, and your heart, while taking in the fresh air.

Choose an exercise that’s suitable for you Electric bikes can be especially beneficial to those who want to get more exercise however, they have a medical limitation in how much physical exercise they are able to do. By limiting the amount of help they receive from their motor, riders on electric bikes can alter the intensity of their ride to meet their specific fitness and health requirements. This can be particularly beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, asthma-related exercise and lung or heart problems or those who are overweight.

Enjoy time with your families and friends. Many people find that electric bikes allow them to have more fun with family and friends members, which allows them to participate in leisurely bike rides. If you’re just beginning to learn about cycling or have trouble keeping up the pace, an electric bike might be your best option to get more often out for your leisure time with the people you cherish.

Increase your travel – The aid offered via the electrical motor allows cyclists on ebikes to travel further than they’d otherwise be capable of. The amount of work required to cover 10 miles with an ordinary bicycle, for example could take riders as far to 20 miles if they combine it with the power produced by the ebike motor.

No sweaty commutes One of the major negatives of using a bike to commute on a daily basis is that you arrive at your destination sweaty, hot and uncomfortable. With an electric bike you can go on exactly the same routes and only exert a small portion or effort. Electric bikes make commuting on two wheels an option that is more feasible for many and allow riders to benefit from the advantages of cycling to work without having to deal with the most unpleasant negatives.

Take on obstacles added power produced by the motor of an electric bike makes it possible to whirl over hills, speed through headwinds and any other obstacle that you may encounter during a ride without exhausting yourself or burning out. In the end, electric bikes offer a comfortable and accessible riding experience for a large and diverse group of cyclists.


It’s a significant investment upfront. It’s not unusual for those who are learning about electric bicycles for the very first time and to be awed by the price of an electric bike which can range between $1,000 and $10,000. While there’s no way to get over the fact that owning an electric bike is a significant upfront investment, the great thing is that once you’ve made the decision to purchase a premium electric bike, there are no expenses to run it. In the same way purchasing an electric bicycle is quite affordable in comparison to the price of an automobile or even a bicycle that is of a higher quality.

Much heavier than traditional bicycles – Despite significant advancements in ebike technology as well as components, electric bicycles are noticeablely heavier than conventional bicycles. This is a major issue when you’re trying to move the bike, or when you’re out for a ride, and the battery fails.

More specific, complicated components – Although the majority of parts for ebikes are common bicycle parts which are simple to locate and replace however, there are some highly-specialized parts that are exclusive to e-bikes. Because these parts are likely to be more complicated and might be difficult to locate and repair, it is often more costly and difficult to repair an part of an ebike than a typical bicycle component.

It’s confusing to distinguish between legal status and ad hoc status. Because electric bikes are somewhat newer to U.S., there can be some confusion regarding how they’re treated by law. In general, electric bikes that have an maximal speed limit of 20 mph, and motors with a rating with less than 500 watts are considered to be the like any other bicycle and can be used on bicycle trails and bike lanes without an additional license or registration. However, there are certain places however, with specific rules that could restrict or alter the manner you’re permitted to ride your electric bicycle. This is why it’s always an excellent idea to look up the rules of your local city and state before using an electric bicycle.

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