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Five Unique Ideas for Office Whiteboards

Smart business is using office whiteboards in order to encourage creativity and innovation within your company. Dr. Dr. Richard Wiseman is an award-winning psychologist who claims that whiteboards can improve memory, problem-solving, and collaboration by up to 15% over just discussing a topic.

The whiteboard is a great tool for brainstorming. We’ve put together an interesting list to help you make sure your company reaps all the benefits of modern whiteboards.

These are five unique ideas for office whiteboards:

Five Office Whiteboard Ideas

Clarus Glassboards

A Clarus Glassboard would be the perfect choice for James Bond’s meeting. These super-cool boards are available in 13 colors and can be customized with your own prints. They have also won numerous design awards. They are made from iron-extracted glass and will last a lifetime. They can be written on with any type of pen, including permanent markers and sharpies, but they also work well with traditional dry erase pens.

A traditional whiteboard surface in an office often contains thousands of bacteria and germs. Glassboards are antimicrobial and have been gaining popularity in the hospitality and healthcare industries. There are many Clarus Glassboards to choose from, including furniture glass and mobile boards. But our favorite is the flip. This board features noise cancelling felt acoustic panels and a glass surface. You can brainstorm top secret innovations by simply flipping the acoustic panel and you have a beautiful glassboard ready for you next idea.

Dry Erase Material

Dry erase material is the next dry-erase invention worth consideration. This budget-friendly option allows you to turn any surface into a dry eraseboard, including windows, doors, walls, and cabinets.

The material can be cut with standard shears to create whiteboards in any shape or size. A bolt of dry erase material measures approximately six-and a half feet in length and one foot-and a half wide. It can be attached to any surface with a variety adhesives such as spray mount or vinyl paste for permanent installations. This product is a flexible alternative to traditional dry erase boards. However, dry erase material can be temperamental so it is best to use dry-erase markers only. Permanent markers and sharpies won’t wipe clean.

Dry erase paint

Dry erase paint is one of the most versatile and coolest options for dry erase boards. Dry erase paint is the best option if you are looking to make a large project, such as transforming a conference wall or other large surface into dry erase boards. Two dry erase paint manufacturers worth considering are IdeaPaint, and Writeyboard.

Writeyboard is a low VOC (volatile Organic Compounds = non-toxic) whiteboard paint available in clear and white. Clear is an alternative because you can make pre-painted walls dry erase boards.

IdeaPaint invented dry erase paint. It comes in a variety of colors, including clear. IdeaPaint offers a magnetic dry erase paint that is different from other brands. This is very useful for creating creative sessions with mixed media (paper, and other materials), or simply attaching markers and erasers on the board. IdeaPaint is a professional-grade dry erase paint. It comes with a lifetime guarantee it won’t crack, yellow, or peel. This is quite remarkable considering how much it sees.

You can use dry erase paint on wood, metal, plastic, chalkboards, and other surfaces. Both of the brands we recommend offer single-coat dry erase paint, or one-and-done.

ThinkTank Mobile

The ultra-light thinkTank camper is one of the most innovative dry erase options available. It can be purchased starting at $49,000. The camper is ideal for mobile collaboration. It’s fully coated in IdeaPaint and can be stored in your office to make it the perfect in-house meeting place.

The ThinkTank was created to bring fun and creativity to meetings. It can hold up to eight people and is equipped with the most recent dry erase markers. The ThinkTank was created in partnership with Primo Orpilla, an award-winning interior designer and his company Studio O+A. It is intended to help people capture great ideas wherever they are.

Whiteboard Apps

It’s important to have a whiteboard app that allows remote attendees and in-house employees to participate in brainstorms. We recently published a blog about the Top Four Interactive Whiteboard Apps for Remote Meetings. Make sure you check out each app’s individual features, benefits, and competitive advantages. They all work on a variety of devices and platforms, so everyone can collaborate easily.

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