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A guide to the best Postpartum Massage

In the same way, you are recovering from a difficult medical procedure (regardless of the type of birth you have).

But on the other hand, you are being released from your new job every hour as a mother to a newborn child. Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Postnatal massage can help:

Stress reduction. Your mental health during the postpartum period is important. For a variety of reasons, from hormonal to emotional, being a new mother can pose serious challenges to your mental well-being. For many women, this can lead to the so-called baby blues. Massage during and after pregnancy has been shown to reduce these symptoms. More severe cases of postpartum depression and anxiety can be debilitating and require treatment. If you need help, contact us. You don’t have to do this alone (peanut is a great place to start).

Painful pain. The effects of pregnancy on your body will not end when you expel your placenta. Various aches and pains accompany childbirth. Massage can be a useful tool to help your body recover.

Hormonal balance. Your progesterone and estrogen levels drop after childbirth. At the same time, oxytocin and prolactin increase to help you breastfeed. Massage helps to ease the effects of this transition period.

Breastfeeding. We know. Crazy, huh? A 2020 study shows that back massage can have a significant effect on the production of prolactin (aka the breast-feeding hormone). So, yes, a good massage can help you raise your baby.

Sleep. One of the most common complaints from new mothers is the quality of sleep. (See, at this point, it may be months before you’ve had a good night’s sleep.) As this study shows, massage therapy can be very beneficial when it comes to: improve your sleep quality.

Decreased circulation and swelling. It is good to stay hydrated after giving birth. Your blood pressure increases by almost 50% during pregnancy and what goes up takes time to come down. Massage can gently increase circulation and promote lymph drainage.

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