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Different types of crochet:

Although knitting is the most popular yarn, crochet has its own finishing techniques and methods that are not possible with knitting. Although we don’t know much about the origins of crochet, we do know that it was first made in Europe during the early nineteenth century. It was called “shepherds knitting”.

Crochet was initially invented to be a cheaper alternative to expensive lace. However, Queen Victoria made it more popular by buying Irish lace crochet items from people who were trying to make a living after the potato famine in Ireland. Crochet was even taught to her by Queen Mary, who also popularized the craft. Crochet helped many families escape the potato famine, and gave them enough money to move to America. Around 1900 saw the arrival of large numbers of Irish people in America, bringing with them their crochet skills.

Crochet was first used in the 1950s to make practical items for wartime, such as nets and under-helmet caps for soldiers. Crochet was also used to decorate dresses and hats for women who had limited resources and money. Crochet fabrics were a big trend in the 1960s. Women made their own pantsuits and shift dresses using crochet. Granny squares were popularized in the 70s with jackets, dresses, and sweatshirts made entirely from these versatile motifs. While the 80s saw a lot of crochet cardigans in chunky crochet and fete-style toys, crochet was quieter during the 90s. Crochet is making a comeback now with beautiful homewares, adorable toys for children, and gorgeous clothing items for women and men.

Since I have been crocheting for so long, I know the basics of almost every type of crochet. I thought it would be helpful to share this resource with my crochet-loving readers. Although there are many more types of crochet than those I have listed, these are just a few you might be interested in learning more about.


1. Amigurumi crochet

This crochet art form is Japanese and refers to making small, crocheted toys or creatures out of knitted or crocheted yarn. Ami is crochet or knit, and nuigurumi is a stuffed doll. Amigurumi is a type of doll or toy that is made out of yarn. Mario Kart, Plants VS Zombies, and Hello Kitty are all popular themes for amigurumi.


2. Aran Crochet

It is a type of ribbed crochet. This is a traditional Celtic-style crochet that uses interlocking cables. It can be used to create chunky beanies and sweaters as well as scarves. Aran can also be referred to as a weight of yarn. Be aware of this when you see the word “aran” in a pattern. Aran is a blanket that looks big and cozy.


3. Bavarian Crochet

This vintage crochet stitch is used in the round like granny squares. This creates a thick fabric that allows for mixed color changes, rather than sharp changes like granny squares. Each section is divided into two parts: a base row with clusters, and then a row with shells. Bavarian crochet looks a lot like granny squares.


4. Bosnian Crochet

Bosnian crochet is a dense, knit-like material that uses only the crochet slip stitch. This stitch is used in different parts of the same row. Bosnian crochet hooks can be purchased, but they can also work with regular crochet hooks. Sometimes it’s called Shepherd’s knitting. It also looks a lot like knitting. This is not a popular style, and you will probably mistakenly think that it’s knitting.


5. Bullion Crochet

This is a special crochet stitch that uses multiple wraps of yarn and a long hook to create a unique and distinctive ‘roll’. Bullion crochet is often used for motifs, rather than fabric-based projects. This results in a thick, uniform and round-shaped motif style piece.


6. Broomstick Crochet

This vintage crochet stitch is sometimes called jiffy-lace. It’s made using a traditional crochet hook, but the stitches are formed around a long and wide object like a broomstick hand. Modern crocheters tend to use thick crochet hooks or a dowel for broomstick lacing. Broomstick lacing is a great skill to learn, and the end result is a beautiful and unique product.

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