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If you are buying a vacuum it is important to take into consideration a number of crucial technical and functional aspects which impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the machine.

1. VACUUM Power Performance

The two most important indicators used to evaluate the effectiveness of vacuum power are airflow and water lift.

It is the the water lift is measured in millimeters of mercury 2O, mbar , or kPa. It is a measure of suction force and is the standard value for the vacuuming of liquids and other heavy materials.

It is the the flow will be measured in millimeters 3./h or in the l/s. This represents the volume of air of intake. It is also the primary measurement for sucking of the fine dust as well as lighter materials.

2. MOTOR Power

The power of the motor is expressed as Watts or kW, or HP. It is determined by the kind and quantity of motors the vacuum has. The selection of motors, and consequently the power required must be proportional to the use and the quantity of material that will be removed.

There are two kinds of motors that are employed: 1-stage and 2-stage. 1-stage motors are distinguished by greater airflow, while 2-stage motors are characterized by more vacuum.


The level of noise, measured in decibels dB(A) is another factor to be considered. While it’s not tied with efficiency, the noise level impacts quality of life, particularly when the vacuum is being employed in an environment that is noisy.

4. DESIGN & Structure

Another aspect to consider is the structure. Its dimensions and weight, maximum reachable distance, and maneuverability.

Overall dimensions and weight vary depending on the model and the application/environment. In the case of a vacuum that is mounted on wheels and will be used to clean areas like offices, shops or spaces that are medium-sized it is crucial that it’s not overly weighty (less than 10kg). In contrast in the event that it is being used in industrial settings such as factories those factors are secondary. Additionally, the tank for collection may be bigger or smaller and constructed from different materials such as steel or plastic.

Additionally there is the need to take into consideration how long the cable for power. IPC vacuums are typically equipped with an 8-meter power supply cable which provides the most extensive range of action.

Another important aspect to look at is the handling mechanism, which is categorized as a wheel and trolley kind. For instance, for outdoor applications, vacuums equipped with wheels that are large and rubber-coated are recommended to ensure the highest maneuverability on uneven flooring.


All vacuums come with a set of high-efficiency filters that stop the dirt that is collected from being discharged back into the natural environment.

The bag can be thought of as the first element to collect dust. The majority of “only dry” vacuums are typically equipped with a microfiber bag breaking and tear-resistant and able to collect dust. Alongside the bag there is an upstream filter which protects the motor from dust that is suctioned, as well as downstream filters that stop dust from returning to the air.

There are several kinds of filters for upstream principal polyester filter; washable cartridges, or HEPA that have high efficiency in filtration.

In order to ensure maximum performance and ensure the safety of vacuum It is essential to schedule regular maintenance and replace the filters regularly.

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