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What Is a Sleep Apnea Mask (CPAP Mask)?

Following your identification, you’re going to be supplied three elements that function together to assist you to breathe: a tube, box, and a mask. Even a CPAP mask, or sleep apnea mask, which is the component of your CPAP system which adjusts to a face.


All masks need some Type of headgear, such as belts, To fasten them in position. An appropriate CPAP matching session with a tech is essential so that you learn to safeguard your headgear without overtightening, which may leave marks on your head. Headgear may also have optional support attachments — for instance, an attachable eyebrow help to keep your mouth shut while you are sleeping. A chin aid can decrease oral breathing (mouth ), which sometimes may reduce the potency of the sleep apnea treatment.


All of CPAP masks Include a length of tube that attaches to The box on the other end. The opposite end of the tube adjusts to a mask, providing constant air pressure. Tubing is generally six feet so that you are able to make around on your sleep.


All of the apnea masks have vents that permit for the discharge of Carbon dioxide. Some sprays also incorporate vents for individuals who might need supplemental oxygen because they sleep.


To make the match as comfortable as you can and also to reduce Skin irritation, all of the sleep apnea masks are padded from the areas in which the mask comes in contact with the face. This cushioning additionally boosts the seal, reducing atmosphere flows. Cushioning is medical-grade along with latex-free. Additionally, it is replaceable, which means that you can purchase brand new cushioning (or alternative renewable CPAP components ) as it pops out.

Appropriate fit and relaxation are critical to CPAP treatment. If your Mask is uneasy in any manner or causes you to feel claustrophobic, you are going to quit using it. Following your sleep evaluation and apnea identification, a sleeping technician that knows the way to match a CPAP mask can assist you to choose the ideal mask for your wants and on your nose and face form.

Comfort Is Essential, but it can also be important to make a Tight seal. A loose seal may flow pressurized atmosphere, which works contrary to the aim of your apnea treatment. Leaking air may also cause dry or irritated eyes or even surplus noise when you are sleeping, which might disturb you, your own bed partner, or even other folks in your home.

The Ideal mask is a Really Significant Part CPAP treatment; if Your apnea mask flows, supplies ineffective atmosphere pressure, is uneasy or disrupts your remainder or your household’s rest at all, you’ll not be as inclined to put on it.

Recognizing that, sleep laboratory technicians along with your durable medical Gear (DME) specialists will use you to assist you to discover the ideal mask design to fit your requirements. They will also demonstrate how you can tighten your straps correctly and how to clean, preserve, and keep your CPAP equipment.

Keep reading to learn which sort of mask might be perfect for you.

Nasal Masks

Nasal masks, also known as oronasal masks are very popular because They pay the nose just and they arrive in enough sizes and shapes to match virtually any face.

The mask Is Made up of contoured, triangular ribbon which matches Comfortably within the nose. Pressured air enters the mask through the tube, then filling the area around the nose. Air is inhaled through the nose leaving your mouth free.

Many users enjoy this style of mask since the air pressure Can be delivered in a less direct way than in different types of masks. The atmosphere circulates in the area around the nose breathing it feels like breathing routine air.

A nasal mask Might Be a Fantastic Selection for you if:

  • You breathe out of your nose when you sleep soundly
  • You want higher air pressure
  • You toss and turn into the evening
  • You would rather sleep in your side

You might not want a sinus mask if:

Wearing This Kind of mask may feel embarrassing to people With sinus congestion or pressure. In case you’ve got a cold or allergies, then you might wish to temporarily change your nasal mask to get a few of those other styles.

Nasal Pillow Masks

The nasal pillow design of CPAP mask is much smaller than the usual mask That goes on the nose. It rests over the top lip and can be fastened around the head using a strap. A lot of men and women like this kind of mask since it is minimum and the headgear is not as obtrusive than other fashions.

Two cushions or pillows to the mask have been added to the Nostrils, in which they produce a seal. Air is delivered right into the uterus, with much more direct strain than at a nasal mask.

Due to the snug fit Generated by the seal, the atmosphere is less Likely to escape from nasal pillows. For many users, this tight seal, together with some higher-pressure CPAP treatment, may feel overly direct.

A sinus pillow mask may be a Fantastic Selection for you if:

  • Can include on an attachment chin help to help keep your jaw from falling, to decrease cases of dental breathing)
  • You truly feel claustrophobic wearing different kinds of masks
  • Smaller profile of the mask produces a better line of sight)
  • The nighttime
  • You put on a beard or facial hair which may interfere with The seal on additional masks

You might not want a sinus pillow or nasal pillow mask should:

You need higher pressure settings to your CPAP treatment

You’ve got tender congestion, sensitive sinus passages, or are. Susceptible to nosebleeds (the sinus cushions create immediate contact with skin within your uterus, which may lead to tingling or anxiety sores)

Full-Face Masks

Is because it seems — it is a mask which covers a far bigger section of the facial skin, in the region close to the bridge of their nose into the space beneath the lower lipgloss. The most important difference between a full-face mask along with a nasal design mask is the fact that bloated mask produces a seal on both the mouth and nose.

Other elements of the mask comprise supportive bits that Fit into the forehead and the lips. These bits guarantee a great seal. A proper seal is more significant with this kind of mask; several touch points with the shapes of the face imply escapes are somewhat more likely to happen.

You will need a increased pressure setting to your CPAP treatment

You find it even more comfortable and less claustrophobic in the event you Can breathe (through your mouth) without decreasing pressure shipping

You have problems with dry mouththe humidified atmosphere delivered into a Full-face mask can help keep the nasal passages and also your mouth moist

or might not want a skillet mask if:

Hinder the seal

You sleep on your tummy

Bear in mind, CPAP masks workout with time. Despite appropriate Maintenance, it is possible to hope to replace your mask on a standard schedule. The conclusion of the calendar year, even following your insurance deductible was met, is frequently a fantastic time to substitute a mask and determine what new shapes or sizes may be accessible.

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