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Different Kinds of Knives:

There Are Several Different Kinds of knives that are used for A variety of tasks, and it can be tough to understand that knives are essential for your kitchen. We broke the knife kinds into two different lists, common forms, and specialty types, and also given explanations of each type and what they are used for.

Common Kinds of Knives

Here are a few of the most Frequent Kinds of cooking knives That you’ll find in most commercial kitchens:

Bread Knives

Bread knives are designed for cutting distinct types of Bread, and they feature serrated blades that will cut through crispy crusts. Most bread knives comprise offset handles, which can be designed to protect against the user’s knuckles by hitting the cutting board. In addition, you can typically find bread knives involving 7-10″ long.

Boning Knives

Adding elastic, semi-flexible, or rigid Alternatives, boning Knives makes it possible for users to separate meat from bones while decreasing the amount of meat that is wasted. Boning knives are available in a variety of sizes and knife styles, and that means you’re able to get the ideal solution for the sort of meat you are working together.

Butcher Knives

Used for breaking down cuts of meat or trimming fat, butcher Knives are usually located in butcher shops and restaurants. This sort of knife includes a slight curve, which assists with cutting through meat. Many types of butcher knives also contain Granton edges, which permit you to easily cut through meat with no tearing or shredding the product.

Chef Knives

You, Will, Find chef knives in each commercial kitchen, and They’re flexible tools that can be used for many cutting tasks. Chef knives have a broad blade that tapers to a point, and it’s appropriate for quite a few prep tasks, like chopping, mincing, and slicing. In addition, chef knives can come in many diverse sizes, but the most well-known sizes are between 8-12″.


Having a wide and long blade, cleavers are a Few of the greatest Knives a chef could have in their own cutlery kit. Regardless of its size, cleavers feature thin and lightweight blades that may be used for numerous jobs, such as crushing garlic, chopping vegetables, and cutting edge meat. Cleavers may also be found in several Asian restaurants flats.

Paring Knives

This extremely versatile Sort of knife can be used for many Food prep tasks from peeling veggies and chopping veggies to deveining shrimp and trimming cheese. Paring knives normally have blades that range between 2 1/4″ and 4 1/2″, also there are a number of unique manners of paring knives. Here are just three of the most Well-known types of paring knives:

  • Spear Point: The top and bottom of the blades on these Knives are curved like a spear. Spear tip paring knives are designed for small, exact jobs.
  • Bird’s Beak: This Kind of paring knife, also often referred to as A curved paring knife tourne knife, has a blade that bends down, mimicking the shape of a bird’s beak. Bird’s beak paring knives have been made for peeling curved fruits and creating garnishes.
  • Sheep’s Foot: Sheep’s foot knives feature a rounded tip with the right edge, which makes them ideal for chopping and julienning vegetables and fruits.

Slicing Knives

Featuring extended, straight blades, cutting knives are all designed For cutting off cooked meats like smoked hams, roasted turkeys, or sirloin steaks. These knives generally have a long blade with a curved tip. Many meat slicing knives also feature Granton advantages, which prevents the meat from tearing while cutting.

Utility Knives

Utility knives are a mixture between slicing and paring knives. They feature scalloped blades and edges that are slightly longer than standard paring knives. A sharp utility knife is extremely efficient for slicing vegetables and fruits, and they are an ideal tool for food prep.

Types of Specialty Knives

There are other types of cooking knives Which Are less common Than these options and you will only see in certain types of foodservice settings.

Breaking Knives

Breaking knives are a Kind of butcher knife that is utilized For cutting large sections of meat into smaller cuts. These types of butcher knives contain curved blades, which give the user extra leverage when cutting through tough skin, cartilage, and smallish bones. In addition, busting knives are ideal for trimming the fat from cuts of beef.

Cheese Knives

Cheese knives are specially designed to cut through dense, Tacky, and hard cheeses, plus they’re the ideal tool for restaurants that offer charcuterie boards. Cheese knives come in various designs that fit with specific kinds of cheeses.

Cimeter Knives

Cimeter, or scimitar, knives are a Form of butcher knife Which are used for prepping and cutting meat. Their long, curved blades are great for trimming off fat ribs or breaking a large cut of beef.

Deba Knives

Commonly located in sushi restaurants and Asian-style Operations, Deba knives are frequently used as a mild – or medium-duty cleaver. These knives also have medium-length blades, and they may be used for a variety of tasks, such as preparing cuts of fish, chopping vegetables, or cubing meat.

Flank and Shoulder Knives

Flank and shoulder blades are a variant of boning knife With blades that have been designed particularly for cutting flank steaks. Their straight, stiff blades are perfect for generating precise cuts while pruning, trimming, and jointing.

Gyuto Knives

Gyuto knives are similar in use and shape to chef’s knives. However, there are many important differences between a gyuto knife and a chef knife. Gyuto knives are thinner and lighter than the chef’s knives, and they possess a flatter edge. This allows the knife to have faster push-cutting abilities and makes it easier to deal with.

Meat Carving Knives

With long blades carving blades are the Perfect Option For slicing cooked meats like smoked ham, roasted chicken, or fried turkey. Carving knives are much thinner than chef knives, allowing them to split thinner, more precise slices.

Nakiri Knives

Nakiri knives also have sharp edges and thin blades that are great for cutting fish and vegetables into thin pieces.

Oyster Knives

Critical for any restaurant or diner that serves fresh Shellfish, oyster knives can be utilized to start oyster shells and remove the meat in the casing. There Are Lots of types of oyster knives that are used for Various sizes and preparations of oysters.

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