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Choose the best lenses for your glasses:

Purchasing eyeglass lenses isn’t a simple job. In Reality, there are numerous choices for lenses and coatings, it is simple to be confused about what is worth buying.

This buying guide will help you select lenses and coatings For your requirements.

Why Picking the Correct eyeglass lenses is so important

  • When buying glasses, the framework you choose is important to Your overall look, however, the eyeglass lenses you select affects four factors: appearance, comfort, vision, and safety.
  • A common mistake people often make when buying eyeglasses is Not spending enough time contemplating their choices of eyeglass lens materials, coatings and designs.

Eyeglass lens stuff:

  • Glass lenses. From the first days of eyesight correction, all Eyeglass lenses were made of glass.
  • Though glass lenses offer outstanding optics, they are Heavy and may crack easily, possibly causing serious injury to the eye or perhaps reduction of an eye. For all these reasons, glass lenses are no longer popular for glasses.
  • Plastic lenses. In 1947, the first lightweight plastic Eyeglass lenses have been introduced. The lenses were made using a plastic veneer called CR-39.
  • Due to its lightweight (about half the weight of Glass), very low cost and excellent optical qualities, CR-39 plastic stays a favorite material for eyeglass lenses.
  • Polycarbonate lenses. In the early 1970s, the initial Polycarbonate lenses were introduced for safety glasses. After that decade and in the 1980s, polycarbonate lenses became increasingly popular and remain so today.
  • Initially designed for helmet visors for the USA Air Force, for”bulletproof glass” for banking and other safety applications, polycarbonate is lighter and more impact-resistant compared to CR-39 vinyl, which makes it a preferred material for children’s eyewear, safety glasses, and sports eyewear.
  • In 2001, a more recent lightweight eyeglass lens substance known as Trivex was introduced with similar impact-resistant possessions.

Eyeglass lens remedies

As Soon as You’ve selected your lenses, you should then think about The lens treatments which satisfy your wants.

For your most comfortable, durable and best-looking glasses, The next lens treatments should be considered essential:

  • Anti-scratch coating. All lightweight eyeglass lens Materials (see table) have surfaces that are significantly warmer and much more prone to dents and abrasions than glass lenses.
  • The softest eyeglass lens is also one of the very impact-resistant: polycarbonate. But all-plastic and high-index plastic lenses demand a factory-applied anti-scratch coating to get decent lens durability.
  • Most of the current contemporary anti-scratch coatings (also called Scratch coats or difficult coats) will create your eyeglass lenses almost as Scratch-resistant as glass. But if you are not careful with your eyeglasses or You’re buying eyeglasses for your kids, ask about lenses that include a Guarantee against scrapes for a particular time period.

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