August 2019

Ready, Set, Shop! Top 8 Reasons to Shop at Local Clothing Boutiques August 2019

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect outfit, or searching for a special gift, this is the time of year to shop. Instead of going to the same old big-box stores, why not see what locally owned clothing boutiques have in stock this season? Here are the top reasons to shop in locally owned boutiques.

You can go shopping on your lunch break. As we have learned the hard way, human resources frowns upon taking a one-hour trip to the mall during lunch. But does your manager have to know about a little 20-minute cruise around your local boutique? Get away, if only for 20 minutes, from your daily obligations and responsibilities. Enjoy some ‘me time’ at a locally owned boutique.

Shopping local allows you to find gifts, shoes, accessories and clothing that are unique. Boutiques take the time to select items their customers may not discover anywhere else, so take advantage of their selectivity! Shopping at locally owned boutiques is like a box of chocolates-you never know what you’re going to get.

Malls are crowded. Shopping local means that you won’t have to waste time looking for a parking spot, waiting in long checkout lines, and battling the crowds in shopping malls and big-box stores.

You are supporting fashion designers in your community. When fashion designers are first starting out, they often ask local stores if they’re interested in carrying their designs. We all have hometown pride, so it’s great when what you wear reflects that. Wear items designed by people in your community.

Shopping at boutiques helps both business and the economy. Locally owned stores often put a large share of their revenue back into the local economy, meaning they are helping your community grow. Local businesses also create local employment opportunities.

Shop with no guess work or limitations. Don’t guess at what an outfit feels and looks like, or how it fits on you. Go to the clothing boutiques in your neighborhood. Mix and match items. Try on outfits to ensure satisfaction. See patterns and colors live. Touch the fabric.

Shopping, to a large extent, is a social experience to be shared with family members and close friends. There is no better place to do that than at the clothing boutiques in your neighborhood.

You will get better customer service in locally owned stores. In a local business, you know the person behind the counter, and they know you. You also have access to professional salespeople who can answer your questions and make recommendations that best fit your needs.

Ready? Set? Shop! Visit the boutiques in your neighborhood for fantastic finds and great deals. Locally owned boutiques provide the styles you love best. Find what you want and take it home with you right away. No wait. No shipping charges.

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