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Benefits of Puzzles for Child Development

Your toddler’s hands are chubby and grasp at pieces of puzzle and try to force them to join. Your child is frightened as he is able to jam the pieces together.

However, with a little training, in just a few days it will not only be the same puzzle be simple and your child will also be able to solve similar puzzles. Why?

Your child’s brain may have changed.

A favourite toy for teachers as well as parents Puzzles can be a bit complicated. All you need to do is to put pieces in one.

Yet, despite their simple nature, puzzles are actually an excellent learning tool which teaches children a variety of essential life abilities. What exactly are they?

Here, we will discuss the benefits of this educational toy that can aid children’s development, as well as some helpful strategies.


Are your children’s attention spans around a minute perhaps?

There’s no need to worry. This is a common occurrence in the earliest years of children.

Experts in child development suggest that you can count on your child to be focused for between 2 and 5 minutes depending on their age. This means that a child aged 3 may be able to focus on a task for up to 15 minutes. A four-year-old may take between 8 and 20 minutes.

You know what? Puzzles are great tools to develop those concentration muscles for kids.

Attention is the capacity to concentrate on a single subject for an extended amount of time. The process of working on a puzzle to it is completed gives kids the opportunity to focus at a single thing, uninterrupted.

For children to gain the most benefit from puzzles, it is important to pick one that’s appropriate for their age. If the puzzle is too challenging children become frustrated and quit. However, puzzles that are too easy do not provide enough challenges to keep your child’s concentration and perseverance.

Do you require some direction?

If you have a child who is one, knobbed puzzles with small pieces are typically the most suitable. However, for children who are 3 years old you can try an 20 or 16-piece puzzle that has big pieces. Children older than 3 can tackle more challenging puzzles.

Of course, they are only general guidelines, not set-in stone rules.

For example, you could offer a 50-piece floor game to a child that’s just three years old. It’s likely to need you to assist the child in the beginning so that they don’t become frustrated.

We’ve created a complete article about the best way to select the best child game and different types of puzzles for children should you wish to explore them.

It’s inevitable that children require help in order in order to complete the puzzle. If this is the case, then your child’s needs:

  • Start by making the puzzle pieces together or providing suggestions verbally.
  • When your child improves, you can gradually lessen your involvement.
  • When you are done, you will be able to relax and observe them focus without assistance.

Spatial Awareness

In the course of you play, the child is trying to drive in a play car through an overpass. It is clear the bridge is small. Your child may discover this after the car crashes across the bridge.

In this case the child is developing spatial awareness.

It is basically about being aware of your position in space and understanding how other objects are related to each with respect to you. Spatial awareness also includes knowing how the relations between objects change in the event that one is moved.

When solving puzzles, spatial perception plays a role massively.

Children learn to determine what pieces can be arranged by studying their shapes and the colors. They have to rotate pieces in order to find the perfect proportions. Gradually, they will learn how to do this with their minds instead of through trial and trial and.

Researchers from the University of Chicago actually verified the connection of spatial cognition and playing with puzzles. It was discovered that 4 to 5 year olds who played puzzles enhanced their spatial abilities much more than children who did not.

Here’s how you can aid your child in developing his or her spatial sense:

  • Play puzzles with your child. Try to make use of a lot of spatial vocabulary while playing games, for example “turn, beside, above, below, between, next to, outside, to the right, to the left, etc.”
  • While working on a game pick a spot you’ll fill. Give your child two pieces: one that is suitable but one that doesn’t. Then, ask them to determine which piece will fit by simply watching and then test their decision later.

Shape Recognition

Toddlers have to be taught to differentiate between shapes such as rectangles, triangles, circles and squares. In the beginning, children could believe that rectangles and squares are identical. As they progress, they are able to recognize the characteristics which make each shape unique.

A few basic puzzles (especially those with knobs) help students learn geometric shapes or outline forms of animals, vehicles or even people.

More intricate Jigsaw puzzles will also require your child to be able to understand shapes when they are placed the pieces. For instance, children realize that the edges of pieces are straight lines and do not be able to fit into the middle of the puzzle.

What is the significance of this?

Since it aids children in learning their alphabets and because it helps them learn their numbers and letters. Before your child will ever recognize”A,” the first letter of “A”, they have be able to recognize the shapes of general.

Help your child develop understanding shapes by buying puzzles that have geometric shapes. When you play them together make sure you mention the name of each form and encourage your child to bring them back to the shapes.

Topic-Specific Knowledge

Have you ever looked at an enigma map? Perhaps a dinosaur or a map puzzle?

Puzzles usually cover a range of subjects, and can help your child in learning things about our world. From habitats to geography, organs and many more, this toy for learning will help children become acquainted with almost everything.

The Montessori curriculum are renowned for their use of puzzles to help children learn about botany and Zoology. Beautiful wooden puzzles divide the components of a plant, a tree as well as fish and other creatures, making the perfect educational tool.

You can further teach your child through discussions about the pictures on the puzzle. This can increase your child’s vocabulary as well as knowledge of the subject that can help their schooling immensely.

Fine Motor Skills

The baby’s hands are chubby and struggle to grasp an object that is small. They then drop it after banging on the floor several times. Babies can be quite fragile.

The majority of toddlers cannot even press buttons write, or make juice and not spill it.

This is because children who are very young are still developing the fine motor skills..

The ability is based on small movements made with the wrist fingers, fingers, hands feet, and toes.

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