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The Best Bed Linen Buying Tips:



Cotton is the most popular substance used in bed linen fabric And is available in various unique types.

Standard cotton Among the most common choices; it is Comfortable, low maintenance, flexible and inexpensive. Locate the cotton bed sheet here.

Cotton Percale This consists of standard cotton due to a Combing process which happens to make sure the loose fibers are’combed’ off. Gives linen a firm, smooth end and greater quality texture. Additionally, cotton percale rarely requires pruning. Find percale bed sheet here.

Cotton poplin Another popular bed sheet fabric, cotton Poplin includes a tighter weave than normal cotton and requires little ironing. Ideal for a hectic lifestyle without comprising on quality.

Egyptian Cotton Regarded as the best material for crafting Bed linen, thanks to the perfect cotton growing conditions in Egypt. The humid environment and abundant soil help produce cotton fibers which are more than usual meaning that the cotton is more absorbent and could be spun into very fine yarn. Brick soft yet durable and strong, Egyptian cotton is used in the maximum quality bed linen. Find our astounding Egyptian cotton bed sheet here.


Made out of fibers from the flax plant, linen is a milder And stronger fiber than cotton. It is an excellent conductor of heat and does not retain any moisture, which makes it a comfortable option. Sometimes cotton and linen are all combined to have both fabrics’ attributes in a selection of bed linen. Find linen bedding here.


Created from a natural fiber means that this fabric is cool in Summer and warm in winter, obviously hypoallergenic and exceptionally comfortable. Coveted in wellness and attractiveness circles, lace bed linen can be proven to maintain moisture in hair and skin, minimizing wrinkles.

Thread count:

Bed linen data can be accompanied by a number with TC later, this describes this thread count. Any fabric that has been woven includes a twist thread which runs vertically, along with a weft thread that runs vertically. The thread count is used to describe the number of those threads per square inch. The more threads, the more the higher the thread count and the higher the grade of bed linen. Below is a table showing what different thread points mean in regard to bed linen quality.


Duvet Cover Closures:

Envelope Closure:

The envelope closure comes with an inner fold that helps Secure your duvet inside. A decorative design, this closure should not be concealed by tucking the duvet in. Instead put on the border of the bed to get an elegant finish.

Bottleneck Closure:

A Standard French duvet cover style, the bottleneck Closure features a narrow finish fold. Simply position the duvet within the cover and, when set up, tuck the fold below the close of the bed to secure; ideal for maintaining your duvet in place.

Button Closure:

A popular choice, the switch closure guarantees your duvet Remains securely within the cover. Often available as switches or poppers, this design is more carefree and simple to use.



Housewife pillowcases will be the most common choice in mattress Linen collections. Designed to fit securely, the pillow entirely fills the fabric and also prevents creases.


Considered a luxurious version, Oxford pillowcases Possess a decorative stitched edge around the perimeter. Excellent for adding a touch of elegance, a conventional Oxford pillowcase features a mitered corner.


Otherwise Called Continental pillowcases, square Pillowcases are often chosen for cosmetic purposes. Often combined with Housewife or even Oxford pillowcases, square pillowcases complete the expression of luxury in your interior.


Each the bed linen available at Amara will possess its Measurements clearly shown in the product information box about the product page.

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