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The Way to Read Labels for Cleaning Products:

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Natural Conditioners:

Surprisingly, there is not one definition of”natural” regulated by the FDA; it is up to consumers to read the label and understand its own ingredients. The Natural Products Association (NPA) states a product labeled as”organic” should be made up of just, or almost only, natural ingredients and be fabricated with proper procedures. It also ought to avoid any ingredient which has peer-reviewed, scientific study showing human health or ecological risk.

In Short: When you visit”natural” on a commodity check the components. Our 3 Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Organic Cleaners post can offer you a few simple red flags to spot.

Non-toxic Claims:

Non-toxic implies that a product, substance or chemical will not cause adverse health consequences, either instantly or over the very long run. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulates hazardous chemicals, but there isn’t a regulatory body which specifically oversees the use of noninvasive on labels. The claim simply indicates an absence of recognized toxic ingredients.

Eco-friendly / Environmentally friendly / Earth-friendly / Green:

  • At a minimum, these products need to be noninvasive. Ideally, they shouldn’t be dangerous or should reduce harm to the environment compared to similar products. The EPA offers additional guidance on these terms since most are overused and often misrepresented.
  • In Short: Do not be enticed by greenwashing! These phrases or close versions usually don’t mean much, and you are better off just taking a look at the components to ascertain for yourself.
  • To make this claim, goods must contain antimicrobial agents which kill 99.9% of germs alive on surfaces. These claims have been backed up by lab testing and regulated by both the EPA and FDA.
  • In Short: This product probably contains harsher ingredients but can sanitize the surface you would love to wash, and you can trust that this claim is true, simple and fair.

The Bottom Line: Always Read the Label!

If you wish to make sure you’re using natural, safe products, it is up to you. The fantastic news? You are in control of how informed you are and products you bring in your loved ones. Just make sure you read the tag, check the components and run a quick search online if you become aware of something unfamiliar.

All Capri Essentials cleaning goods are plant-based, all natural and 100% biodegradable so, you don’t need to think about harsh chemicals in your property.

How to Pick Natural Cleaning Products Without Harmful Chemicals:

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1. Fragrances: Producers have tried to educate us that wash has a smell. Perhaps that smell is lavender, lemon, pink grapefruit, white grapefruit or some other color of naive sounding fruit, however, trust us, you ought to avoid it. Fragrances don’t add anything to the effectiveness of a cleansing product, and instead, pose potentially significant health risks.

2. In spite of this, they are still typical in so-called all-natural cleaning products. Sodium laureate sulfate is related with eye & skin irritation. A major concern with both of these is their contamination using a carcinogenic by-product known as 1,4 dioxane. Nixing the SLS & SLES can go a very long way in your quest to locate cleaning products that you can feel great about using up to your kids.

3. Ethanolamine compounds (DEA, MEA, TEA): These compounds are generally used emulsifiers, fragrance additives & pH adjusters. They are associated with hormone disturbance, cancer, and organ toxicity.

4. Again because cleaning product manufacturers aren’t required to record each of their components, it’s hard to understand what products they are in. Our guidance is to search for cleaning products that say they are preservative-free or MIT totally free or CMIT free.

5. Quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATs): QUATs are common in cleansers tagged as disinfectants, and they’re associated with allergies, asthma, fertility issues & birth defects. They may not be listed on meta tags in any way, or even if they are, they could be listed under several distinct names. To get a list of that check here, or instead, stick with cleaning products which contain no harmful ingredients.


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