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All You Need to Know About One Bag Travel and the Benefits It Offers

People are eager to travel again after almost two years have passed since the pandemic began. The way we travel will never be the same again. The lines at airports to check luggage are getting longer and the fees are high. What can you do to make your next trip as easy as possible?

One bag travel, also known as “onebagging”, is the practice of packing light for travel. Everything can be carried in one bag (that’s a wheelless bag) that is both lightweight and meets international dimensions. This can be used for a weekend getaway or a long-term adventure. Onebagging has many advantages that outweigh the convenience of a large rolling suitcase. You can travel with only one bag and be able to get off the train or plane immediately. You don’t need to wait at baggage claim, and your bag won’t be lost or stolen during transit.

Choose Your Wardrobe Wisely

Some onebaggers believe that you should only pack three sets of clothing. One set is worn, one is washed and one dried. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary. You can use synthetic fabrics to wash and dry your clothes faster if you aren’t able to bring a washing machine. Are you really going to need more than one pair of shoes? You probably don’t need more than one pair of shoes. You should have a pair of sneakers and one pair of athletic shoes that you can wear for casual dining.

Packing Cubes Are Your Friend

Cubes can be a great way to save space. They compress clothes and keep everything in their place. Rolling your clothes instead of folding is a better way to maximize storage.

Minimize Your Electronics

You can pack more electronics, so bring more cables and accessories. Many travel books can be downloaded to a smartphone or Kindle. Are you a professional editor or photographer? If not, you can leave your DSLR and laptop at home. All the video, photos and editing that you might be doing on-the-go while on vacation can be handled by your smartphone.

Wear Your Bulky Gear

If you are traveling to a place that requires boots, jackets or any other bulky items, your bag can quickly become cluttered. You can reduce the space required for travel by packing the jacket and boots. Smaller items, such as sandals or the outer jacket shell, can be kept in your bag.

Select A Versatile Bag

You want a bag that can be carried in multiple ways and is wheelless. For maximum packing convenience, a bag that is properly sized should weigh between 40-50 liters.

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