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Best Way to Increase Your Digestion Naturally:

1. Eat Real Food

  • The Typical Western diet high in refined carbs, saturated fat and food additives — has been associated with an increased chance of developing digestive disorders.
  • Food Additives, such as sugar, sodium and other chemicals, are suggested to contribute to greater stomach inflammation, causing a condition known as leaky gut.
  • Trans Fats can be found in many processed foods. They’re well-known because of their negative effects on heart health but have also been associated with an increased chance of developing ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease.
  • What’s More, processed foods like low-fat beverages and ice creams often contain artificial sweeteners, which may cause digestive issues.
  • One Study discovered that eating 50 g of this artificial sweetener xylitol led to bloating and diarrhea in 70 percent of individuals, while 75 grams of the sweetener erythritol caused the same symptoms in 60% of people

2. Get Lots of Fiber

  • It’s Common knowledge that fiber is valuable to digestion.
  • Soluble Fiber absorbs water and aids bulk to your stool. Insoluble fiber acts like a giant toothbrush, so helping your digestive tract keep everything going along.
  • Soluble Fiber is found in oat bran, legumes, nuts and seeds, while vegetables, whole grains and wheat bran are great sources of insoluble fiber.
  • A High-fiber diet has been associated with a decreased risk of digestive ailments, including ulcers, reflux, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and IBS.
  • Prebiotics Are another type of fiber which nourish your intestine bacteria. Foods packed in this fiber have been proven to reduce the risk of inflammatory bowel conditions.
  • Prebiotics Are found in many fruits, vegetables and grains.

3. Add Healthy Fats For Your Diet

  • Great Digestion might require eating enough fat. Fat helps you to feel satisfied after a meal and is frequently needed for proper nutrient absorption.
  • Additionally, Various studies have proven that omega-3 fatty acids can decrease your risk of developing inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis.
  • Foods High in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids include flaxseeds, chia seeds, nuts (especially walnuts), in addition to fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines.

4. Stay Hydrated

  • Low Fluid intake is a frequent cause of constipation.
  • Pros Advocate drinking 50–66 oz (1.5–2 liters) of 2 non-caffeinated fluids daily to reduce constipation. But you might want more if you reside in a hot climate or exercise .
  • In Addition to water, you can even meet your fluid intake with herbal teas and other non-caffeinated drinks like seltzer water.
  • Another Method to help meet your fluid intake needs would be to include fruits and veggies which have a lot of water, such as cucumber, zucchini, celery, tomatoes, melons, berries, grapefruit and berry

5. Manage Your Anxiety

  • Anxiety Can wreak havoc on your digestive system.
  • It Has been associated with stomach ailments, nausea, constipation and IBS.
  • Stress Hormones directly affect your digestion. When your system is in fight-or-flight manner, it thinks that you don’t have the time to rest and digest. During periods of stress, energy and blood are diverted away from the digestive system.
  • Additionally, Your gut and brain are intricately connected — what affects your mind may also impact your digestion.
  • Stress Management, meditation and relaxation training have all been shown to enhance Symptoms in people with IBS

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