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Priority Tire Discount Code & Promo Code

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The Best Types of Tires to Choose:

All-season tires are designed to provide comfort and control on the road and provide safe all-season traction. They typically have geometric patterns that are symmetrical and have surfaces with grooves to ensure an icy grip.

2. Touring Tires

They are designed to offer an easy ride and durable all-season traction, with more sensitive handling. It is also known by the name of Grand Touring tires. They typically have better speed ratings than all-season tires.

Performance sports and sedans make use of touring tires since they usually require better control than the tires they are on. When you purchase tires, it is essential to know the various types of tires and which one is best for you.

After you’ve decided on what type of tire is best for your car then you will be able to determine what type of tire is right for you depending on your driving abilities.

3. Performance Tires

The performance tires are generally larger in size and have the lateral grooves, especially when dry and wet.

They also feature common features, such as large sips, and silica-rich mixed compounds that provide better grip regardless of conditions. These tires are able to offer more speed than the touring tires.

Performance tires are made for a variety of vehicle, such as automobiles that sport a sports theme, utility vehicles as well as luxury vehicles. They’re mostly used to improve the handling of vehicles especially on roads that are wet.

4. Summer Tires

The summer tires are designed for use in dry and wet situations. They’re not made to provide all-season traction. They are designed to hot climates and provide the traction and control required even in dry or wet conditions. The safe temperature range for summer tires is higher than 45degrees Fahrenheit.

The summer tires generally contain contact patches that are solid and grooves that have enough circumference to resist hydroplaning, and they are not ripped. They can be used in the warmer months, or all the time in places that do not have winter.

5. Race and Track Tires

Track tires are utilized for oval race tracks in which the most traction is required of each wheel to ensure the braking and steering.

They are like road performance tires in that they’re designed to give you the best performance. These types of tires are seldom used for regular driving.

The track and the competition tire are employed to ensure continuous road contact during dry season. They differ between summer and winter tires with respect to design, usually with a high-tech body as well as pavement reinforcements like Kevlar and Aramid.

Tires for SUV and truck tires

The tires for SUV and truck are classified based on different car uses. It is possible that you require an extra-aggressive tire capable of handling situations when the road is finished and you might see lots of highway driving, which could make for an easy and durable road.

These are the tires that are classified according to their use for SUVs and trucks.

1. Highway Tires

Highway tires are designed to have an all-season run pattern and are made to carry the weighty load of SUVs or trucks. They can make you feel comfortable when driving.

The majority of highway tires comprise of sturdy tread patterns and compound that have with a varying wear pattern to provide lasting running. They typically have the feature of siping to provide all-season traction.

2. All-terrain Tires

The All-terrain tires are typically made with an aggressive tread pattern than trail or highway tires. These tires are comprised of thread blocks and empty spaces, which help to provide an off-road traction.

All-terrain tires typically come with a severe weather symbol. They are designed for use on sand, gravel, and even light soil. They give you stability on the highway and comfort, in addition to off-road fun. Cars that might require all-terrain tires include Light trucks, Pickup trucks Campers, and SUVs.

3. MUD-terrain Tires

Mud-terrain tires are extremely robust tread patterns, with bigger tread blocks and also larger gaps. This allows the tire with greater grip in areas with soft surfaces such as deep mud or sand.

They come with competitive pavement features that improve traction on soft surfaces, giving the tires an even more robust appearance. Mud-terrain tires tend to be less than comfortable on roads, and quieter than less aggressive tires.

4. Tires for all-purpose and Trail use

The All-purpose tire is also referred to for its trail tire. They’re only slightly more durable than a typical highway tire. They usually contain fewer sipes than the highway truck tires.

All-purpose patterns of running will include the overlapping of blocks to provide a moderate off-road grip even in rough roads. All-purpose tires are referred to very lightweight all-terrain tires.

5. Ribbed Tires

They are the kind of tires that are made for long-lasting highway use and mileage. They typically have an rib-like design that provides stability and stability even under a massive weight.

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