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Tips Each Guitar Tech Must Know:

As a guitar tech, it’s your responsibility to ensure the Guitarist has what they should make their task easier. They all should need to be concerned about is walking on stage, playing well, and having an amazing series — the remainder is on you. By the easy things such as remembering to change batteriesto squeezing two full stacks and two full bass stacks onto a stage barely big enough for a drum kit, the onus is on you to ensure the display goes off without a hitch.

1. Have a Routine but Be Flexible

There is an enormous list of jobs to get through when Preparing for a show. The best approach to accomplish those tasks without overlooking something is to establish a solid routine. Try and install your gear and execute any routine maintenance checks in exactly the same order every day. By doing this, you are less likely to miss something critical that may jeopardise the show. No 2 gigs would be exactly the same — in Arenas when you are carrying your own staging and everything is at the exact same location. Matters can (and probably will) change, so be ready to adapt.

2. Tuning Tuning Tuning

Utilize a tripod you have expertise with and trust. I Highly suggest a Peterson (particularly for intonation). It will help if most members of this band are using be same tuners too. If you are able to hear the guitars you are tuning through a little amp or headset, this is much better as it’s all well and good pruning by eye but if the intonation has shrunk, tuning along with your eyes alone just won’t cut it.

3. Spares Are Your Best Friend

This point seems obvious, however, it’s frequently overlooked, Frequently as a matter of budget. It is possible to execute preventative maintenance and inspect the gear all you like, but in any point in your profession, a sheet of kit will fail without warning. So regardless of whether it’s a brand-new string snapping halfway through the first song, or possibly a valve providing up the ghost before the encore, make sure you anticipate the unexpected. The fastest fix would be to get a spare willing to throw in its location without disrupting to reveal a lot of.

4. Stay up to Date with Gear

That is paramount if you would like to keep relevant. There are Similarities between a lot of equipment: guitars, amps, and pedalsand wireless technologies, Etc., but with the coming of modelling amps becoming far more akin to Programming, it is very important to practice. I attempt to get my hands on as much Equipment as possible — whether that’s buying, borrowing or operating on them off Excursion, I can not stress enough the value of getting hands-on experience to Make sure you’re prepared for whatever new gear is thrown .

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