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How to Pick the Appropriate Garbage Bag:

Inspired by David Redstone

So you would like to buy bags. Sounds simple enough, right? Not really.

Standing from the trash bag aisle, you’ll soon end up Bombarded with dozens of options, all that looks pretty similar. You have your odor protect, odor block, odor lock. Then there is the litany of statements touting each bag’s strength: ultimate, extra strong, 3-ply strength, reliable strength.

Reading the merchandise boxes will not do you much good because They do not have much in a lot of useful details. Just hyped up claims.

The single most important question you need to ask yourself Before beginning your search is: What is this trash tote going to be used for?

Kitchen waste? Lawn maintenance? Recycling? Bathrooms? Office? The Tote you need will depend on what you need the handbag for. If you do not answer this specific question, you’re literally throwing money away. You may wind up wasting money on a costlier, thicker tote when all you needed was a less expensive, thinner tote or a briefer bag and therefore squandering money on additional stuff.

Do not think it’s such a precious point to consider? Consider This: According to the info in IRI for the 52 weeks ending April 21, 2013, to the transparency, wrap and luggage category, trash bags (like lawn and leaf bags) produced the most earnings with $2.4 billion. That is right…billion. Having a”b.”

“While many customers don’t give too much consideration to which Garbage bag to buy, manufacturers and retailers have thought extensively about it,” explains Michael Covitch, a Senior Fellow in the Research & Development department of the Lubrizol Corporation that holds a Ph.D. from macromolecular science also has more than 30 decades of experience working with plastics. “There’s more technology in these simple products than anyone can imagine. At least being aware of possible differences between goods can help buyer comprehend what they’re buying.”

OK. You have decided how you are going to use your garbage bag. Great. Now, you have to consider in the event you need your garbage bag to become strong resistant to punctures and rips or be able to stretch beneath a large load. This factor will determine how thick/thin your trash bag needs to be. This is where you need to read the fine print about the product box.

Trash Bag Thickness

Waste bags thickness is usually measured in mil, which can be 1 thousandth of an inch (.001). These type of trash bags are known as low density or linear density.


If you Will Need a bag that needs to extend to carry a heavy Load instead of surviving punctures or tears, then a thinner bag will fit your requirements far better. These types of bags are known as high density and would be the very clear bags you frequently found in office restrooms. These totes are considerably less expensive than their thicker, low-frequency cousin.

If you’re throwing away paper or other light things, or possess A large, heavy load with nothing that could rupture the tote, these high-density bags will probably serve you and your pocketbook well.


Although trash bags Can Be Bought in a rainbow of colors, Black trash bags, and white garbage bags dominate the spectrum. White garbage bags are a common choice since they blend in nicely with their surroundings and are not intrusive. Black trash bags help hide what is in your luggage and go nicely with stainless steel cans.

Color also determines the cost. Black garbage bags will be the Cheapest because they are sometimes made with the most recyclable stuff (our black garbage bags, for example, are made using over 90% recycled material). Next includes white and clear.


It is very little you can do about smelly trash, moreover Throwing it off. While many luggage swapping odor blocking features, they are not going to set up much of a struggle against spoiled cheese or fungus infested pasta salad. You’re better off repainting the interior of your trash bags with a few inexpensive baking soda rather than spending the additional money.


Surprisingly, cost Isn’t much of a factor when shopping For garbage bags. There is not a wonderful discrepancy between the prices of trash bags you’ll see in shops. Price really only becomes a factor if you are purchasing in large quantities. Then, you will want to look at price per tote. Otherwise, it is best not to decide on a garbage bag based on cost. Spending the few additional pennies to acquire a thicker, stronger tote may help save you from spending some time cleaning up that yogurt, coffee grounds and final night’s lasagna that escaped from a cheaper, thinner bag.

The final factor on your garbage bag quest will be what kind Of closing you prefer: drawstring, flap sticks or the more rapid twist tie. Most people out there prefer the drawstring. It will help suppress the can and makes To get a quick, simple tie. Flap ties could be better for bigger trash bags. Plus, They are often less expensive than conventional bags. And if You Have to have your Twist ties, don’t worry. You can include them for free when your purchase from us.

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