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5 Reasons Why You Should Be a Regular drinker

Sometimes, after a tiring day, nothing is like the satisfaction of a cold drink. However, if you’re concerned about your health like a lot people these days are and you’re looking to stay healthy, nothing can dampen the enjoyment of a good IPA as warnings about the abundance of calories and a full stomach.

What could make something that’s supposed to not taste good be so delicious? It turns out that it’s not as awful after all as we believed. Actually, one glass of beer per day could provide many health advantages.

This particular drink is a source of phenols, antioxidants found in nature that can aid in fighting inflammation and cell damage. Ales are the most concentrated of phenols, which makes the ideal choice when choosing the six-pack.

From fighting off illness to strengthening your mind, alcohol has numerous benefits that I’m amazed that it’s not considered a superfood. If you ever feel guilty about having an icy cold drink and forgetting the five health benefits that come with drinking beer. But be sure to stick to just one or two glasses a day, since drinking alcohol excessively can actually negate the positive health benefits.

1. It could lower your risk for Heart Disease

Like wine, a glass of beer daily can fight against cardiovascular diseases. Research has shown that the risk of developing cardiovascular disease is reduced by 20 percent for those who drink one drink every day. Therefore, drink 5 percent alcohol in a pint of beer and you’ll defend your heart from heart disease later.

2. It could help strengthen your brain

Studies have found that moderate drinking of alcohol can lower your chances of developing cognitive decline as well as dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. Along with protecting your brain for the future it also stimulates creativity. After two beers during a study, participants were found to be more efficient in solving brain teasers and more adept in solving problems with creativity.

3. It can help strengthen bone density

Beer is rich in silicon, which may help in the development and growth of connective tissue and bone. Drinking moderate quantities of beer can also combat osteoporosis and lower bone mass. Pale malts have the highest quantity of silicon. They contain four times the amount of those with darker hues.

4. It could help fight cancer

One of the most important ingredients of beer is Xanthohumol which is an antioxidant that can be found in hops which can fight carcinogens. In terms of cancer-fighting abilities, drinks that are high in hops are your best bet therefore stick with India Pale Ales or other hop-rich ales and bitters.

5. It may help in preventing Diabetes

The addition of a pint of beer to a healthy diet that includes healthy foods and exercises can aid in fighting diabetes, lower blood pressure and assist with weight loss. The key here is not to go too much, but each day a glass of beer could decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 30 percent.

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