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Pillow Pops Discount Code & Promo Code

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What type of pillow do you need?

The Good Housekeeping Institute tests all kinds of pillows in its Textiles Lab. This allows us to identify the best. Every pillow is tested for how it washes, and whether it holds its shape when we put weights on it to simulate someone sleeping. For feedback on support and comfort, we have real consumers test them. We have tested more than 100 pillows in recent years and analyzed more than 3,400 data points to make our recommendations.


We have compiled all the information you need about the different types of pillows so that you can make an informed decision and buy with confidence.


Pillow fills:



Down is a fluffy cluster of feathers that comes from the bird’s undercoating. Down pillows are well-known for their cloud-like feeling. One tester loved the Parachute Down Medium pillow in our Lab evaluation. She said it was “absolutely dreamy” with a marshmallow-like feel. This is likely due to its lofty down. Down can sometimes need to be re-fluffed.



Although feathers and down both come from ducks or gooses, they are different things. Feather is made from the bird’s outer cover and down is a fluffy cluster. You can mix feathers with down to get a cheaper, but more supportive option. Just make sure the cover is tightly woven to stop quills poking through.



These pillows can be filled with synthetic fibers that are designed to look like real down. These pillows are hypoallergenic and are typically made from polyester. Although it isn’t as lofty as real down, the quality can be just as good. The Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow Set was a huge success. It held up well to pressure and kept its shape.


Memory Foam

You can choose from a single piece of memory foam that provides cradle-like support at varying firmness levels, or a cluster memory pillow with bits of memory foam. These pillow types can be adjusted in height and have shiftable pieces that allow for sleepers to adjust the fill to their preference as they sleep. Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur-Neck pillow, which is made of solid foam and has an ergonomic design, was particularly popular with those who need firm support.



Latex pillows are similar to memory foam. They can be in either solid or clusters. Solid pillows have more structure while cluster pillows can be adjusted. Natural latex is derived from the rubber tree and can be more sustainable than memory foam. Naturepedic’s Organic Latex Pillow is an example of this. It has a higher bounce than foam, and it is instantly soft to your head when you place your head down. However, it may not mold to your head completely. These pillows are extremely durable and will last for many years.



Gel-infused pillows are more common than whole gel pillows. The gel can be mixed with memory foam, or used as an outer layer of a foam pillow. Gels are often used to cool your head and keep heat away. The Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillow is our recommendation. It has a cool-to-the-touch feel and was supportive and comfortable during our testing.



Kapok, a natural fiber from a tree, is silky smooth and has fluffiness like cotton. Although it’s not as popular as other fill the Layla Kapok Pillow blends this fiber with foam. It was our top pick for its soft, supportive feel.



In recent years, hybrid pillows have been very popular. You can make these pillows from any combination of the materials listed above. However, it is most common to see memory foam clusters mixed with down alternative fill. These pillows offer the best of both worlds: structure and support, but also softness and comfort. The winner of our most recent pillow test, the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow, is actually a mix of memory foam and down alternative.



These pillows offer great breathability, temperature regulation and softness, but they do not provide much support. Pillows made with wool can become flattened or clumpy over time.



These beads, which look like tiny styrofoam, are placed inside a pillow cover. They contour to the shape and provide firm support. These beads aren’t often found in traditional pillows but they are very popular in travel pillows.



Buckwheat hulls are great for pillow filling. The breathable hulls fit your neck and head perfectly. They can provide firm support, but they can be uncomfortable and noisy when moving around.



They are very adjustable as the support is dependent on the amount of water that they have been filled with. These pillows are also easy to fluff, but they can be difficult to maintain and may leak.


Pillow Casing Materials

Although the main factor is the fill, it’s important to be aware of your options for the cover. This can have an impact on how your pillow feels.



Because it is soft and breathable, cotton is a natural fibre and a popular choice for pillow casings. Cotton is not the best choice for people who sweat a lot. It absorbs water faster and takes longer to dry.


Lyocell or Viscose

These fabrics are incredibly soft and smooth. The fabric may be labeled “bamboo”, ‘rayon from bamboo”, ‘eucalyptus-lyocell” or any other variation thereof. The fabric is made from plants such as bamboo and eucalyptus, but it’s chemically treated until there are no trace of its natural origin.


Polyester and blends

You can weave polyester on its own, or with another fiber. You will most commonly see polyester blended with cotton in pillowcases. Microfiber polyester pillowcases have seen an increase in popularity due to their low cost. These pillowcases are durable, can feel soft and buttery, but they don’t feel as natural or luxurious as plant-based fabrics.


Pillows for sleeping positions

Pillows come in many sizes. The best shape and fill height for your pillow will depend on your body type and sleeping position. However, it is possible to choose between different materials depending on your personal preferences. The best pillow is one that aligns your spine in a neutral position, provides comfort and keeps you sleeping all night. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pillow for your needs:


Side sleepers

Your pillow should be firm enough to support your head and neck while you are sleeping on your side.


Stomach Sleepers

These pillows can be made thinner or softer to ensure your spine is in a neutral position while you sleep and prevent your head from arching as you sleep.


Back Sleepers

The pillow may be adjusted to accommodate your changing positions.


Types of Body

For larger frames, you should choose a taller pillow. Smaller frames will need something more flatter. Medium-sized frames can use anything in the middle. If you have had weight fluctuations in the recent past, you should pay attention to how much support you require.

Pillow Pops Coupons 2022

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