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Top Cigar Accessories for Beginners:

Cigar Cutters

The most frequent sort of cigar attachment is really a cigar cutter. Cutters are used to create openings in the’head’ of this cigar to allow air and smoke to maneuver. Some fans insist on a particular method, although others simply use whatever is convenient. Below you’ll find the most popular and well-known procedures.

  • Guillotine — Guillotines, including both dual and Single-bladed versions, as well as scissors are made to create a cut throughout the end of the cigar. These are generally the best choices. Of the guillotines, the double-blade will be the better choice if you would like a cleaner trim. The benefit of all double-bladed cutters is the cutting profits from both sides simultaneously. There is less possibility that the cigar wrapper will be torn as it is pushed against the boring interior of the blade room. The best technique is to rest the cigar against a blade prior to clicking the cutter shut.
  • V-Cut — A V-cut makes a notched hole at the end of the cigar. The benefit is that it may provide you more surface area without exposing your tongue into loose tobacco, also it enables you to draw more air through the cigar. This is a fantastic choice for little ring gauge cigars. However, do not penetrate the V-cutter too deeply into the cigar, even as often the draw can be overly great, and the cigar will smoke also sexy.
  • Punch — A punch cutter is Only a circular, razor-sharp Blade which you push softly into the head of a cigar, that cores an opening out. This is an excellent option if you smoke blended filler cigars, as it minimizes the opportunity of bits of tobacco ending up in your mouth. But, cut cutters are normally not a great selection for torpedos or little ring gauge cigars.
  • Scissors – Cigar scissors are different, of course, from Normal household scissors. Cigars scissors are specially made for the use of snipping cigars. Usually made from surgical grade stainless steel, some models, like the Xikar MTX Cutter, is the best option. A high-quality cigar scissor will guarantee you swift, precision reductions. However, be cautious, since dull, lower-quality scissors can cause more damage than good, possibly smushing the endings along with damaging that the cigar’s construction.
  • Bite Method — If all else fails it appears the old’ caveman Path of chomping off the finish of your cigar is still the most popular option. However this can result in bits of tobacco from your mouth, also may result in a cluttered smoke. If you’re in a bind, then carefully look for the seam where the cap is situated and use your fingernail to gently pry the cap away. Not the suave way, but it’s fairly powerful in a pinch.

Cigar Lighters

Some will assert that fire is flame, while it comes from a High-end lighter or even a book of matches. But there is no arguing butane fueled lighters burn at higher temperatures, leading to a fresh and effective flame. Popular models range from single-flame into quad-flame, and sometimes even more. Any butane lighter will supply more than a decent flame to light your cigar, it actually boils down to how much sizzle you’re on the market for. Outside of gasoline storage capability, a more compact pocket-sized lighter can find the work done just as well as a bigger table-top model. When filling some cigar lighter be sure to utilize at least triple-refined butane or better, as reduced quality butane can clog valves and cause a number of problems on your unit. And at the conclusion of the day, you can always resort to old faithful: wood games.


When buying a situation the term’ finger’ can be used to notify the Number of cigars a situation can hold. As an example, a 3-finger cigar instance generally Holds 3 cigars. Be sure to check product descriptions for ring-gauge Lodging, as an instance will maintain less thick the cigar, and vice versa. Apart from the amount, weigh just how much strength you want.

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