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Different types of Dog Collars And Their Uses:

1. Flat Collar

Pretty much every single pet is comfortable with a level Collar–it is the most frequent kind of collar, as well as the golden standard.

“Every puppy Ought to Be able to walk to the collar without Any issues since they should not budge, pull, or misbehave in some manner that could have them hurt themselves or their proprietor,” Ulbrich states.

Trainer Suggestion: Do not tug on the leash to Attempt to Receive your Dog’s focus, that will unintentionally teach your puppy to pull back and create a level collar worthless.

“If you return to Receive their attention when they are Sniffing, or tug the leash to inform your puppy to sit, you are attempting to restrain your puppy by yanking on the leash rather than restraining him ” Ulbrich clarifies. “You are teaching your puppy,’ you tug, I tug'”

2. Head Collar

A head collar is like a horse’s halter–it slips Your pet’s snout and spreads supporting his ears.

Experts: Can divert your pet’s attention, preventing him from. pulling. Could have a calming influence on the puppy, which makes him give up command and also feel more healthy about the walk.

Disadvantages: It may liquefy a puppy’s mind suddenly when used improperly. Some puppies are hesitant to allow you to place it around, and they’ll attempt to get off it. Can eliminate a puppy’s fur over time.

3. Dog Harnesses

There are two Major Kinds of harnesses: a front-clip harness, Where the leash awakens in your pet’s torso, along with also a back-clip harness, in which the leash rests in your puppy’s back. Many of the contemporary harnesses handily possess.

Back-clip harness

Experts: Tension not around the throat. It could be valuable for Short-nosed dogs, like Pugs or even Boston Terriers.

Disadvantages: Gives puppies leverage to pull harshly, which hurts Their spine and will make them hard to restrain.

Front-clip harness

Experts: Redirects your puppy back to you when he begins to pull or strain, enabling you to direct him. It helps control your puppy longer without straining his spine.

Disadvantages: Could still tug, but not too hard.

4. Prong or Pinch Collar

This is among the more contentious collars some argue if Used correctly, it’s the ideal training tool, but some assert the collar strikes dogs and can be abusive.

The Humane Society emphasizes the prong collar has to be Properly fitted together with the dimensions of their prong links suitable for the dimensions of your puppy, and it has to sit on your pet’s neck. They strongly urge pet parents to consult with a professional coach should they opt to utilize this collar.


“The bark may only be utilized for corrections,” Ulbrich explains. “Should you start pulling it to let your puppy to sit or come not just are you attempting to work with the leash for communicating but you are punishing your dog if they may not have done anything wrong.”

Experts: Self-correcting for pulling or jelqing.

Disadvantages: should be fitted and used properly 100 percent of their time to Succeed and more effective.

5. Martingale

Even a martingale collar combines the ease of a flat buckle Collar with the additional strain of a sliding collar but using an integrated limit on just how tight the collar may slide.

Experts: Many appropriate to strains with thin minds in percentage For their necks, such as Greyhounds and Whippets.

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