August 2019

Online Interview Is Roll, Camera, and Action! August 2019

Modern times have modernized the way organizations used to conduct interviews, taking a leap from telephone or face-to-face interviews to video interviews. While a very few number of people could have been familiar with this technology back a decade or so, the technology is becoming the first choice of every company nowadays. Why? The many advantageous features of the online interviewing software are letting it go a level up every time.

It’s easy to understand the software and use it after getting well-versed with various techniques to make the most of it. Learn it for once and for all and save on your time as well as money, both of which are super necessary in this age of hastiness and dearness. Screening potential candidates has become easier and faster for employers, whereas this new technology allowing for digital interviews has eliminated the need of interviewees to travel far by spending time and money.

However, it does not allow the complete interview process through it. Video interviewing is currently being considered only for an initial round of interview. But, this first round makes the rest of the process easier for both interviewers and the aspiring candidates. The interview is just akin to a walk-in interview, where conversations slither back and forth between the two concerned parties.

But hey, it takes some of your best efforts to crack the interview online. It’s just akin to facing a camera while you are being shot. Better, be prepared well in advance!

The Posture

The first and the foremost thing you need is to work on your body posture. This applies when you go to any interview. Sit straight, feel a bit relaxed, make eye contact, give a smile, and you are all set. While sitting in an extremely casual manner would leave a bad impression on the interviewer and reduce your chances of being selected, smiling along with a proper posture will play a major role in conveying your confidence and friendliness.

Silence Speaks

By silence, I do not mean (not here at least) your silence, which will, without a doubt, silently ruin your interview. Rather, this is the silence of your surroundings, which you need to maintain during and in fact, exactly before the interview starts. Need I say it? You have to be professional. Just do not let your phone ring; put it on vibrate mode instead. Better is if you sit alone in the room and pause every other task for the time being.

Timely Arrival

Had it been a walk-in, you would have gotten up to get ready with your portfolio and be on time. Then, why not during this interview of yours through interviewing software? Remember, from the conventional techniques, you have come far to the digital interviewing tools, which are faster and cheaper. Digitization cannot be a success, until you also become faster to walk hand-in-hand with it.

Be on time, when next time you get a video interview fixed with an employer.

Camera and Action!

Before anything, remember to check your camera as well as the microphone, both of which should be working to let you have a candid conversation with the employers. Later, it is imperative for you to look straight into the camera while having a word with the interviewer. Don’t do it like there’s a camera in front; rather look at the camera as if the person himself is sitting in front of you. This would reflect on your confidence and morale.

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