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There are many types of car lights:

1. Headlights

Types of car headlights

To permit safe night driving, headlights must be sufficient to adequately illuminate highways. They are typically equipped with two beams. One gives maximum illumination for night driving, the other provides deflection to ground and sides of road. A third beam, which is low in intensity, is used for city driving.


High-beams can blind oncoming cars so you should only use them when there is no vehicle in front. There are two types of bulbs that can be used to produce low-beam or high-beam. If one bulb goes out, the other may work. The headlights can be either LED or HID lights.


Different types of car headlights:

These are the three types of car headlights available:


LED Lights

Types of car headlights

These headlights are highly efficient and have been gaining popularity in modern-day headlights. These headlights can be made in many sizes and are very versatile.


This makes it possible to design LED lights for taillights or headlights in innovative ways. This type of headlight is being used by car manufacturers to give their cars a unique look.


HID lights

The HID light bulb is another type of car light that can be used to illuminate different areas of a vehicle. The HID light bulb is unique in that it doesn’t use a filament-like most light bulbs.


The HID bulb emits light due to the reaction of an HID bulb with a spherical bulb containing variety vapors and gases.



Today, halogen lights are the most popular type of light on roads. They are made up of a mixture of gases, including argon and nitrogen, as well as tungsten filaments in a glass tube.


The filament will produce light when it is heated. These bulbs are easy to change and inexpensive. However, they have been in high demand in recent years. The standard halogen bulb produces 1300 lumens. This is a high level of light, but it is dimmable.


2. Driving lamps

They are kept inside the vehicle. These can be used by the driver or passenger to lighten the cab, so they can see directions and maps clearly. These should not be used for long periods of time.


3. Parking lights

Low-intensity lights, which are either separate or integrated into the headlights of the car, are also installed in front of it. They are used when the car is parked.


To avoid an accident, keep the lights on when parking in dark.


4. Direction-signal lights

Direction-signal lamps are used to indicate which direction the vehicle is going. These lights signal the vehicle from either the front or the rear. Some special signal lights can also be used.


They include a red light that indicates when high beams of your headlights are on when you apply the parking brake, and to indicate low oil pressure, excessive cooling water temperature, or that the battery is not being charged.


5. Backup lights

Backup lights are used when the driver shifts to reverse. This closes a switch connected to the selector lever that connects the backup light to the battery.


6. Blinker Lights

Blinker lights are used to signal when a car is stopped on the highway or pulled over to the side. Blinking is more visible than a steady light and warns other cars.


7. Tail Lights

The car’s taillights are used to illuminate its back at night, so other vehicles passing behind can see it. When the car is being driven at night, the taillights must be on.


8. Brake lights

The brake lights, also known as stoplights, are located at the rear of your car. They turn on when you apply the brakes. The brake lights will illuminate when you stop, but it’s important to maintain and use them correctly.


If you are stopped abruptly, tapping the brakes repeatedly can attract attention from other drivers and help to avoid a collision.


Many people don’t realize that the brake light is on until they pull. This will save you from a ticket and points on your car license. Ask someone to check the brake light once per week.



9. Fog Lights

One of the many lights found on a car is the fog light. Many people are curious about the best lights to use when driving in fog. Depending on the fog thickness, either high or low beams might be more effective for each task.


Your car may have fog lights, which you need to turn on when driving in the fog. Fog lights are designed to make your car more visible to other drivers. Fog lights are typically placed lower than headlights so that they can be seen under the fog line.


These beams are often yellow or gold to draw attention to your vehicle. High beams can reflect moisture into the air, making it difficult to see in dense fog.


10. Daytime driving lights

Many cars have daytime lights that turn on when the car is turned on to increase visibility for other cars. You can usually turn them off if they are not being used.


It is a good idea to make lights automatic if possible so that the car can adjust the amount visible light. This allows you to control the amount of light that is being emitted without having to constantly monitor it.

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