August 2019

Now You Can Switch From Smartphone to Laptop Easily August 2019

Smartphones have made our life easier than ever. Almost every phone provides HD screen and a larger display. However, they create inconvenience when one has to draft an email or to watch a movie. The virtual keyboard of a smart phone causes inconvenience while drafting an email. Moreover, we all want to play and watch movies on bigger screen. The bigger screens provide us a completely different viewing experience.

In such instances, we generally prefer our laptop as it has a bigger screen and keyboard. Email drafting and documentation on laptops is easier than drafting the same email on smart phones. Their bigger screens also provide good experience when we are watching movies or playing games.

We believe that the scenarios that we discussed in above written paragraphs have happened with you at least once. It might happen when you played a movie on your phone and then you desired to watch the rest of the movie on your television screen or on your laptop. We all prefer bigger screens for enjoying movies and games.

Another case is when you started drafting an email on your smart phone and after sometime you felt that it would be good if you could finish the draft using your laptop or desktop where typing is easy because that has a larger screen size and keyboard.

Yes, we know that you wanted to perform the above-mentioned tasks but couldn’t. However, now it’s going to be possible as Google is coming up with a method. Now you can finish draft of your email from your laptop that you have started through your smart phone.

Now a question may pop up in your mind that how can I do this? You may be thinking that – do I have to purchase special hardware? Do I have to install new software? You do not need new hardware or software at all. The Bluetooth that is already installed on your smart phone and in your computer is enough for that. Google is utilizing the near field communication like WiFi and Bluetooth in this technology.

What you have to do is that you just have to bring your mobile phone into close proximity of your computer or TV. You have to bring them within a range of 10cm. Your TV should support Bluetooth. Even the WiFi connectivity in your laptop or smart phone will also work.

When you will bring the device in a predefined close proximity they will detect each other’s presence and will establish a communication network. This set network will help in transferring the application states of devices with each other.

Let suppose you have started editing of an email on your phone. You have felt inconvenience and now want to use your laptop and keyboard to finish draft of the email. You will bring your phone and laptop in close proximity. The screen of your laptop will receive the current state of unfinished drafted email from the phone, and in response, it will download a copy of the email message from messaging server via communication network. And as soon as you will sit down in front of the display on your computer, the same email message you were reading on your phone will be displayed on the screen of your computer. Now you can finish your draft of your email by using the keyboard of your computer.

Apart from this one can even play music files, videos and games that he has started playing on his phone, but now wants to continue the playback on his computer screen from the very same point.

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