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Strategies to Design Smartly Your Traditional Home

There’s a distinction between decorating and interior design. You can ask the team who work at Burdge Architects. The long-standing Malibu architect firm was assigned the responsibility of rebuilding a loved family home that was destroyed in a wildfire. They was there right from day one. Prior to the stripes sofas, modern art and guestroom beds were installed the designer Doug Burdge and his team began to think about how they could honor the style of the home and improve upon every aspect and all while keeping the standard aspects that are the base for a great design that range from tiles or flooring to cabinets and countertops.

“Interior designing is to us an integral aspect of creating a home,” says Jeanette Tang director of interior design and operations of Burdge Architects. “A professional interior designer will work alongside the architect as well as the homeowners right from the beginning in the process of designing in order to ensure that the home is a reflection of the dream home of the client home, but also works well for the homeowner.”

The result is the 2022 Idea House 2022 Idea House, which is a home with six bathrooms, four bedrooms, with a design that “isn’t either too contemporary or traditional. It’s a house for families, designed to entertain and enjoy the gorgeous Malibu environment,” says Burdge, who has worked on the project in Malibu since more than 30. “In several ways, this home is more efficient and more durable than the first home.” To put it in a nutshell it’s the transitional.

“Transitional design typically refers to an update of an old-fashioned design,” Tang explains. “You can still find aspects of traditional but you’ll also notice the areas where this design has been improved to be more effective for clients and the surroundings.”

In this particular case, Tang says, it is most often used by having an open-concept floor that flows seamlessly into the outdoor spaces for entertaining. Here are seven ways that the Burdge team modernized not only the size and layout, but also the finer aspects too.

Select Smarter Materials

The team built a more modern house on the same site which was built with modern materials such as windows that are heat-resistant and roofing made of steel and also flame-resistant siding, all with the risk of fire and more humid, changing weather in view. The team also updated the conventional layout and design with an open concept “great room” which encompasses both dining and living spaces and has bi-folding doors that maximize the benefits of the mild weather that Malibu has all year long.

Enhance Natural Light

The beauty of the house lies in the details. Burdge’s team decided to design higher ceilings and doors, and also take advantage of the double views from both the southwest and northwest. Because of the rebuilding of the fire and the fire rebuild, they “were somewhat limited,” Burdge explains. “The city codes basically said you could only construct 10% bigger than the size of the house was before. Therefore, we did our best to stay within the guidelines.”

Enhancing daylight while not compromising on the design and feel of the house was the “most crucial aspect of the initial stage in the process of designing,” Tang explains. The team also added windows and doors “higher than the typical 6 to 8 feet” Tang says, so the rooms and vaulted ceilings “feel more spacious than they actually are.”

If you’re In Doubt, Go Bi-Fold

Sturdy bi-fold windows and doors from LaCantina have become the ideal indoor-outdoor living space. Although aluminum doors and windows aren’t as popular in the past few years, Burdge says their thinner profile allows for better views. “You increase your access out to outside space,” Tang says of the bi-folding system. “Maximizing the indoor-outdoor connection is a major benefit for the design of an interior home. When doors are open then you suddenly have more living space.”

Sync Your Flooring

This seamless transition continues throughout the oak white Northern Wide Plank flooring, which was stained in a medium shade which is consistent to the deck. (Pro advice: Tang suggests clients select the decking material for their exterior first as its durability can vary according to the climate of your home whether it’s salty ocean air or frost.) “We always like to see the color of the flooring match the exterior’s color which means that if you have an outside-inside space it doesn’t change from one extreme contrast to the next” Burdge says. “This tone can be changed into a concrete deck quickly because of the abundance of gray shades in the concrete.”

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