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How to Fix It When Android Auto Isn’t Working

The reasons behind Android Auto Not Connecting

In the event that the Android Auto app isn’t connecting It may be caused by:

  • A bad connection, either wired or wireless.
  • A corrupted app.
  • Android Auto trying to connect to the wrong vehicle.
  • Your smartphone or car might just not work together.
  • It is possible that you have altered some settings that affect the connection.

Whatever your reason, you’ll need to find a way to get Android Auto going again, and these troubleshooting tips will aid.

What to do if Android Auto isn’t Connecting

If you’re Android Auto app isn’t working it’s impossible to establish a connection between your smartphone and car and you could miss out on important options and features. These troubleshooting techniques can help you get it connected and working again.

Make sure that your car and stereo work in Android Audio. Its Android Auto compatibility webpage can help you figure the if your particular vehicle and stereo are compatible. If not then there’s nothing you can do to make Android Auto working in your car.

Reboot your Android tablet or smartphone. Rebooting can eliminate any minor issues or conflicts which could interfere with the connectivity between the device, the phone as well as those of the Android Auto apps. A simple restart could help clear all of that and get things functioning again.

Make sure you check your connections to be sure everything is working. If you’re using a wired or wireless connection, be sure everything is connected properly and functioning. If you’re using a cable for connecting your device to Android Auto, make sure it’s in good condition. Even if the cable appears to be in good working order it is recommended to consider using a different cable when something is damaged that’s not visible.

Check to see if both your smartphone as well as you Android Auto app are updated. Operating systems or applications that are out of date could prevent the system from functioning exactly as they is supposed to. Make sure your phone and application up-to-date. The first step is to make sure you update to the latest version of Android OS and then update the apps on your Android smartphone to ensure that you are running the latest version of both.

Review your settings for your paired car. You are able to utilize Android Auto with multiple cars So a few things might be going on in the settings of your car pair. If you’re trying to connect with a different vehicle, or you may have added your car in the Rejected Cars list or disabled adding additional cars in Android Auto. In this case your phone will be able charge but it will not be able to connect to Android Auto. Make sure to check all the settings to make sure there’s no issue.

If you’re unsure of the configurations, navigate to the three-dot menu at the top of the screen and then tap Forget all vehicles to delete all connected vehicles. You can then attempt installing Android Auto in your car and again.

Clean your Android phones cache and afterwards clear the cache for apps. Temporary files may accumulate and may cause problems for the operation of your Android Auto app. The best method to ensure that this doesn’t happen can be to clean the cache of your app. To do this it’s in Settings. Applications > Google Auto > Storage > Clear Cache.

Restart your infotainment device If you are able to do so. Sometimes, restarting your infotainment system can create a new link between the Android phone and Android Auto app, which could help to get things back on track.

Remove and install and re-install the Android Auto app. As time passes, apps will become unstable, particularly when you frequently use them. If you’re experiencing problems when using Android Auto, try uninstalling the application and then installing it again. A fresh install could resolve whatever issue is stopping the app from functioning properly.

If nothing else works then you might need to report the issue for Help & Feedback. On the menu in the app click Help and Support to make an account for support. It may take a while to get a response however, it could be able to get you back on track.

Wireless CarPlay is a relatively new feature that allows users to connect their iPhone to their car’s infotainment system wirelessly, without the need for a physical cable. This technology provides several advantages over the traditional wired CarPlay setup. In this article, we will explore the advantages of wireless CarPlay and why it’s a great option for car owners.


One of the primary advantages of wireless CarPlay is convenience. With wireless CarPlay, there’s no need to worry about cables or cords cluttering up your car’s interior. This makes it easier to quickly connect your iPhone to your car’s infotainment system and get started using CarPlay without any hassle.

Easy Setup

Setting up wireless CarPlay is quick and easy. Once your iPhone is paired with your car’s infotainment system, you can simply connect to CarPlay wirelessly by selecting your car’s name in the list of available devices in the CarPlay settings menu on your iPhone. This eliminates the need to fumble with cords or worry about cables getting tangled up while trying to connect your phone to your car’s infotainment system.


Wireless CarPlay provides a greater degree of flexibility than traditional wired CarPlay setups. With wireless CarPlay, you can easily switch between using your phone and your car’s infotainment system. This makes it easy to use your phone for navigation or music streaming while still being able to access your car’s infotainment system for other features.

Improved Safety

Wireless CarPlay can also help improve safety on the road. With no cables to worry about, you can keep your focus on the road ahead and your hands on the wheel. This reduces the risk of distracted driving and makes it easier to stay focused on the task of driving.

Better Sound Quality

Another advantage of wireless CarPlay is improved sound quality. With no cable to introduce interference, you can enjoy better quality audio when using CarPlay wirelessly. This is especially important when listening to music or making phone calls, as it can help ensure that you can hear the other party clearly and that they can hear you as well.


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