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There are many types of back braces that can be used to relieve lower back pain:

Flexible orthoses can be made from a soft material such as canvas, cotton/elastic blends, or neoprene (a synthetic, flexible rubber). These braces include corsets and lumbar belts as well as sacroiliac and sacroiliac straps.


You can find a wide range of flexible lumbar belts and corsets in different sizes. The corset brace is similar to a corset for women and allows for limited bending. The brace usually has vertical metal or plastic stays that are attached to the sides, front, and back of the corset. These provide stability and motion restriction.


The lumbar and sacroiliac Belts offer a greater restriction of movement and are usually made from a stronger fabric with no stays.


Lower back pain can be relieved by using flexible belts or corsets.


  • To adjust the posture and shift the weight of the spine column, apply light pressure to your torso.
  • To relieve pressure from injured or weakened muscles, provide additional spinal support
  • Allows for some bending or twisting, but with a moderately restricted range of motion. It may be possible, for example, to bend forward and touch the top of your knees while wearing a flexible brace.
  • Compression of the torso and pelvis to reduce micro-motion in a weak or loose joint (especially in lumbar or sacroiliac joint belts).

The brace’s warmth can relax tension muscles

A doctor should be consulted to determine the size and fitting of the brace. This will ensure that the brace will provide pain relief and safety.


Rigid and semi-rigid orthoses for lower back pain

Rigid braces are made from a thick layer of material (typically canvas or cotton) that wraps around your torso and has rigid panels that cover the sides, front, and back of the brace. Some braces have metal or hard plastic bars that cover their outside.


Semi-rigid braces are back braces that combine elements from both rigid and flexible orthoses. A flexible lumbar belt might include extra padding or molded plastic inserts to provide additional support and stability.


Lower back pain can be relieved by using semi-rigid or rigid braces


  • To maintain a healthy spine and shift weight from your abdomen to the spinal column, apply pressure to your torso.
  • Provides significant support to relieve pressure from injured or weakened spinal structures. This includes the muscles, joints, and discs.
  • Reduced range of motion by a significant amount to stop most forward, backward and side-to-side bends, as well as most trunk rotation.
  • Micro-motion at a fracture or segment of the spine is reduced dramatically, increasing the chance of successful healing. It also reduces irritation from the shock of jarring movements.
  • The brace’s warmth can reduce muscle tension
  • One study found that participants who used a rigid brace on their back scored higher in pain and disability than those who used flexible braces.
  • You can have a rigid back brace made from pre-made components or custom-made. A doctor, an orthopedist who is skilled in fitting braces, or another qualified health professional will measure the brace and ensure that it is safe, comfortable, effective, and fits correctly.


Common Components of a Back Brace

  • The brace’s two wings, or sides, are made from a strong or flexible material. They wrap around the torso and connect to the abdomen or sides. These wings can include additional elements to provide stability and limit movement at the sides of your torso. For example, additional panels in rigid braces or flexible braces with vertical metal or plastic stay.
  • Semi-rigid and rigid braces have a stiff back panel. This is typically made from hard molded plastic to maintain a healthy back. Post-operative healing braces typically have a rigid back panel that has an opening above the spine. This prevents irritation to the surgical wound.
  • The abdomen is pressed down by the front panel. The front panel is typically composed of two Velcro panels that overlap. This brace can be adjusted and closed, or an additional panel is added to one of the wings.
  • A way to make smaller and more precise adjustments on the brace – in many braces, small adjustments can be made by using a pull tab and cord.

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