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The Best Portable Projectors Types:


DLP (digital light processing) and LCD projectors, which are lamp-based, will eventually fail. However, they’re more affordable than laser projectors. DLPs are smaller and easier to carry, with greater contrast and darker blacks. LCDs have sharper images and are brighter than DLPs, even though they have a lower lumen count. Because they are not lamp-based projectors, they don’t require as much maintenance. On average, the laser will last 5x longer than a standard bulb. Laser projectors produce only the colors required for the image unlike lamp-based projectors, which emit light through a color wheel. This efficiency results in a brighter image, precise colors, deep black levels, and greater contrast. However, all of this comes at a higher price. The lowest-end laser projectors cost about $2,000, but you can still find smaller models for less.


The throw ratio is the ratio of the size of the image to the distance it is from the surface. Traditional projectors are placed behind the viewer, approximately 10-20 feet from the surface onto which they project. Short-throw projectors can project large images just a few feet from the wall. Ultra-short-throw projectors, on the other hand, are right up against the wall.



It is crucial to choose the right surface for projecting on. A wall is fine, but white is better. Every little bump in the surface can reflect light and create shadows. This causes the image to lose its quality and brightness. A projector screen is a great investment, especially if there’s a lot of daylight. The coating used to make projector screens brighten images can affect how bright they are. An 80-inch Panoview Pop-up Screen was my choice. It’s a much more affordable option than simply pointing at my wall.


4K or 1080?

Because the pixels on 4K projector chips are so small, 4K projectors can be more expensive than 4K TVs and are not as common. However, unless you are really looking to invest in a home theater, the average viewer won’t be able to tell the difference between a 1080p and a 4K projector.


As for content, all the projectors I tested had an HDMI input and internal speakers. I was able to stream my videos by connecting my Roku stick. A laptop, Apple TV or any other device can be used to stream video.




The Epson 2150, which costs $899, is my favorite projector. It’s the model I recommend to all my friends. It produces a great image: it is large, bright, and has beautiful color reproduction. It is an LCD projector that projects up to 300 inches. The resolution is 1080p, but it will not look significantly different from 4K unless you are in a dark theater with a screen.


The brightness rating of 2500 lumens is lower than other projectors. LCD projectors with a lower lumen count are brighter and more vibrant that DLP projects. This can be viewed in ambient daylight but not with unfiltered sunlight. Dynamic mode is the best for daytime images. This is an advantage of Epson projectors. You can switch between viewing modes easily and each one looks amazing. Cinema mode has deep blacks and is great for watching movies at night.


The EPSON 2150 IS a great camera with excellent picture quality, ADEQUATE speakers, and an easy-to-use interface

The built-in 10-watt speakers of 2150 are very loud. External speakers were not necessary for me, but you can hook them up using the 3.5mm audio out. It can get hot and the fans can be loud. This should not be placed right next to your head. It’s actually easier than you might think, as the Epson 2150 automatically keystones. Because keystoning allows you to straighten the image, the projector doesn’t have to be parallel to the wall.




The Optoma HD146X is a less expensive, but equally excellent projector. It is $549 and shares many similarities with the Epson 2150.


It’s a DLP Projector so it has a 3600 lumens brightness rating. This doesn’t make it any brighter than 2150. It appears darker and more vibrant than 2150. The DLP LCD screen is what makes it less crisp than 2150.


Optoma’s image options are less flexible. The “bright” mode creates an unusable green image. The “vivid”, and “cinema modes look much better. If you are viewing during the day, it is best to close your shades, especially if there is no screen. The HD146X also has a nice contrast which creates a punchy image.




Vava’s Laser TV may be a good choice if the price is not as important as image quality. Although the Vava is a DLP projector, the laser light source used by the Vava makes it brighter and more vivid than either the lamp-based DLP models or the LCD models. The Vava is bright enough to be viewed during the day even without a screen. However, it can still be seen well enough to see through your windows if you have the shades drawn down. The Vava projects at 4K resolution as opposed to 1080p on most models. The image quality is comparable to a TV. It’s still a projector so it’s more pleasing to the eye.


The Vava’s stunning picture comes with a steep price: it is more than a thousand dollars more expensive than the Epson 2150. It costs $2,800 and is triple the cost of the Epson 2150. OLED televisions are also more expensive.

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