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What to Wear for Your Body Type

Your body shape is determined by the bone structure, the musculature and distribution of tissues which is mostly passed down through your genes. In the event that you aren’t happy with your appearance or you don’t like it Help is available to alter your appearance by changing your fashion, style, and fabrics.

A Short History of Body Forms

The most popular female shapes of the decades have to do with have to do with fashion. After the curve-hugging fashions of the turn of the century, (19th that is) waists were gone for 20 years! Straight and short skirts were popular with the Flappers in the 1920’s. Straight lines was softened in the 1930’s, and then became more tailored in the 1940’s, but the curvaceous hourglass was not seen until 1946 and Christian Dior reintroduced women to their femininity after the Second World War. It was the first form that was seen for a long time, showing the waist and female curves.

The New Look was immediately popular and curvaceous Marilyn Monroe was the fashion celebrity who could wear the feminine look beautifully. The hourglass fell out of fashion around the middle of 1960, when slim bodies such as Twiggy were taking the fashion world to the forefront. Cardin, Courreges, Mondrian, Givenchy and others designed sleeker silhouettes and geometric shapes. Mini dresses focus on the legs and not the waist or curves.

The waistline was disguised in the 1980’s, as women returned to work with their large suits and huge shoulder pads. The tailored trouser suit was the trend throughout the 90’s. As we entered the new millennium, women especially began working out at the gym, and everyone were more conscious of their body. The curves and muscles were trendy! Fashionistas were refocusing on the feminine shape and showcased female curves with body-con dresses, figure-hugging, cropped jackets as well as leggings, skin tight jeans and leggings. This trend was popular for a long time until the last few years and a looser-fitting style was noticed by people due to its ease of wearing. Today, fashion trends are becoming more relaxed and straighter. Wide legs for trousers, broad sleeves, big coats, dusters loose fitting tops clothes and blouses that are softly tailored.

How to Dress to Match Your Body Type

The way you dress according to your body type has an enormous influence on the way you appear. However, dressing to suit your the body type you have isn’t always easy. Certain people learn by themselves or require help from experts like stylists. There is a possibility of having one type of shape on top and another on the bottom. Front sides, back and front might not always be the same form also.

To highlight your body’s best characteristics and conceal areas that aren’t perfect, we’ve suggested some ways to create a flattering body form for you, regardless of your ideal body shape happens be.

The Female Body Type is a female hourglass. Dressing Strategise

To figure out this form, you need to take a tape, or a long ruler across the back of your body to the back. From the armpit up until just above the hip. In an hourglass shape from the armpit to just below the hip. body that runs from the bustline and hip would graze the tape’s interior and the waistline is clearly receding. The exterior shape could be very curvy , or slightly curvy either short or long waisted.

The hourglass body is often thought by many to be most attractive and body shape for image consultants. They typically employ the hourglass as the normal body shape if clients want their silhouette to appear feminine. Make your waist look more attractive! Dress in high-waisted skirts, pants and tops that are in different hues. If you’re tall and have lots of space between your bust and belly, you can have fun by wearing medium or even broad belts and contrast separates. A curly cut sheath dress can highlight the shape of your hips and your bust. You can dress it up with pencil skirts and skinny pants and short jackets with indented pockets, or cropped tops that are tapered to the waist.

If you’re a short waisted which means you have a small room between your hips and the bust, you should wear one-piece clothes that highlight your body shape but also elongate your middle. Another option is to use only one colour from the top down slim belts, as well as an indented top piece like a cardigan jacket. Color blocking on the sides of your dress can be a great way to highlight and also add visual appeal to make your waist appear indented more.

It is essential to wear underwear for all hourglass-shaped shapes, so that you can lift your bust over your waist to provide yourself with a longer-lined ribcage. Avoid shapes with a boxy shape which slack off your waist and conceal the most important part of your body the waist.

The female body type is an inverted triangle. Dressing Strategies

To find out the form, you need to use a tape or a long ruler along the side of your body to the back, starting from the armpit down to just below your hip. The shoulders appear to be bigger than the hips. Also, there is space between your hips and straight tape. Your figure is a bit boyish Your shoulder and your upper part of the body is more over your hips. Your ribcage taper down to smaller hips, and slimmer legs.

Take advantage of the wide straight shoulders by wearing boat-shaped or off-the-shoulder necklines. Alternately, dress in V-neck tops and scarfs that emphasize the shoulder width. Use the patterns and bright colours on the lower part of your body by making sure that the hip width is balanced by wearing colorful pants and skirts. A fitted V-neck top that is paired with an A line skirt, for example will help balance the triangle inverted figure since the hem width is balanced by with the width of your shoulders. Another option is to showcase slim legs with jeans or leggings, as well as simple, long-line fitting tops. Full, flared or gored skirted dresses are a favorite along with wide-legged jeans with a boot cut or straight leg pants. Wide Palazzo pants with a draped material look great on the body of your.

Avoid jackets with square shapes as well as shoulders pads and epaulettes frills and ruffles on your shoulders and along the ribcage, which visually increase the size of the upper part of your body.

The Female Triangle Type Body Dressing Strategy

To find out the shape, you need to take a tape, or a long ruler across the back of your body to the rear. From the armpit down to below the thigh and hip. The shoulders appear to be a bit narrower than your hips. The hips and thighs extend beyond from the armpit to below the hip and thigh. The upper part of your body above the waist is small in comparison to the size of your hips. The triangular body has wider hips and thighs that are wider than the length of their shoulders.

If you have a body that is shaped like a triangle you should be able to highlight your hips and make sure that you are building the top portion visually, to balance with the shape overall. Most of the time, you have a slim waist, and a slim upper part of your body and by adding subtle lines to your clothes, you’ll create the illusion that you’re slim and toned everywhere.

A skirt that is longer in length or dress instantly decreases the size of the curve. So make sure the hemline is longer by wearing flowing fabrics that flow across the thighs and hips. A very short skirt over wide hips can look like a lampshade! If you have a slim stomach, consider pleated skirts with stitched pleats that slide between the hips. A-line and midi length dresses can flatter the tummy and hips, and look great over legs and hips.

When wearing separates, make sure to balance your upper body with more tailored clothing with structured designs and sturdy fabrics that hold their shape. In addition, wide or bateau boat-shaped necklines can add excitement and dramatic appeal to your upper body. The accessory use (like necklaces and scarves) as well as bold prints and patterns , as well as layered outfits are great to wear on the upper part of your body to complement the lower. A vibrantly colored, V-necked tailor-made shirt or well-fitted jacket with lapels as well as shoulder pads. or a blouse that has sleeves that are puffed or cap-style will help to balance on the shoulders. Instead of focusing on the waistline, try the flounces, gathers, or broad sleeves that are cropped to the elbow or the mid upper arm. Off-the-shoulder Ruffled dresses can accentuate the chest while making a statement about a smaller waist. Make sure you find bras that give the shape and curvature of the upper part of your body.

For those with triangle bodies, you may be unable to find clothes that are suitable, however it’s not difficult if you adhere to the golden rule of thumb: wear to the broadest portion of your body such as your thighs or hips and then tuck in your waist. Flared, gored, fluted or A-line tunics, and dresses are great designs to balance and build your body, and lessen the bust to hips gap. If you happen that you have an indented waistline go for a medium rise pant that can be worn to the hips or the thighs. This is a great way to prevent any waist alterations.

Female Dress Type Strategy for Body Type Rectangle

To figure out this form, you need to use a tape or a long ruler across the back of your body to the back. from the armpit up to just below your hip. The shoulders are approximately the same size as the hips. There isn’t much indentation around the waist and rectangle-shaped bodies are distinguished by their straight lines both up and down! They can be accented or decorated with many various styles that improve the overall shape of the external appearance.

Vertical and typically lighter shade color blocking can visually draw attention to the waist area in a bathing suit, or jacket. The curving seams along across the body or top portion can result in a curved bust which is not present in nature, and the A-line dress as well as the tulip skirt are beautiful designs for this shape of body. Indented and wavy jackets as well as sheath dresses work best for highlighting the waistline by incorporating seams or peplums (a shorter and fluted skirt that is tucked to the waist and is a bit longer towards the stomach) to create a bit of more volume above the waistline. If you’re a tall slim, rectangular shape, you can look great in separates that give an elongated, soft and more curvier look. Sometimes , a skirt that is gathered or dress could be what you need to give your figure an feminine look.

Necklaces, belts and other more substantial accessories bring attention to the upper part of your body and waistline, however should you not like the idea of a belt, then you could avoid a more bulky and slimmer waist by sporting an A-line dress and leggings, or by adding a lighter-weight cardigan or a longer fitting shrug. Also, you can give shape to your upper half with tailored shoulders and padding for your shoulder.

Women Oval Type Body Dressing Strategy

The goal is to focus on the visual lines of north and south style.

Oval bodies are completely round! Enjoy your curves while at the same time emphasize your smaller areas , such as the chest’s top as well as the neckline, lower arm and the bottom of the legs. There is a chance that you may have a lower bust or lower bottom that is smaller than your middle part. Your legs might be also slender.

The people who have oval bodies display an elegant, curvaceous outline. The best way to achieve this is by purchasing elegantly tailored clothes with rounded and curve-shaped seams that enhance your body shape. Choose clothes with simplelines, without clutter like dresses that have a gentle curve to the waist, or an “column that is colored” that has the top and bottom of the same shade or similar. When trousers and the top are darker and are more fitted to the body and have the boot cut or slim legs, then the dress is best when worn over atop, but never loose and square, or tucked into.

With this easy, curving long-line look, it is advisable to wear softly constructed longer-lined or slightly indented tops as well as long waterfall cardigans, which can be a fantastic method to create curved lines to your body where you don’t have indentation. It is possible to wear a longer loose, unbuttoned blouse, duster, or open tunic that does not add weight, but highlights the slimmer waist you’ve created! Make sure you emphasize the slim neck, legs as well as the top of your chest as well as the elbows to the wrist, and the pretty hands. Empire lines and dresses are comfortable, however, be sure to not highlight your round front silhouette. Choose A-line dresses with fabrics that maintain their shape and flows over the stomach and sides.

Avoid horizontal lines, which are tucked into tops , and boxy fashions.

The male body type is an inverted triangle. Dressing Strategy

Inverted triangles are the most straightforward to dress. it means that your shoulders are larger than your hips. This is usually due to genetic bone structure and the amount of activity. This is the perfect male body type and the majority of clothing styles are designed to suit this form. People with this type of body will have no trouble getting clothes.

The majority of inverted triangle-shaped bodies are best suited to slim-fitting clothing that emphasizes how hard they can bench, which isn’t something to be worried about. Plain colored shirts such as white, light pink or cream, can perfectly complement this body shape. Simple and elegant with colors that highlight exactly where your body’s line ends.

Female Rectangular Body Type Dressing Strategy

The most amazing thing about this type of body is that shoulders are exactly the same size as the hips and waist. All you have to do is give a little body structure by choosing the right clothes. You can wear a variety of patterns and colors. Have fun and play around, but make sure you keep your chinos and pants in an uninvolved cut.

You can improve the upper part of you by increasing the size of your shoulders by wearing striking designs and lighter jackets. These are great to define your body and give you some form. Remember our previous post about patterns? We meant it. Since your frame is already slim, it is able to carry the look of a pattern extremely effectively.

Avoid pinstripes and long ties as they’ll be too long on your frame.

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