Naked Sundays Coupon Code November 2023

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Best Skincare Tips:

1. Learn more about your skin type

Knowing your skin type and understanding it is the best thing you can do to your skin. You could be causing irritation, inflammation, breakouts, premature aging, or worse, your skin’s natural balance by being unaware of it. There are four main types of skin: oily, sensitive, dry, sensitive, and mature. It’s important to remember that your skin type can change with the seasons and can also be affected by acne-prone skin.


2. Layer your skincare correctly

You could make your products less effective if you do not apply them in the correct order. It is best to use the lightest formulas first so that they can absorb easily without being weighed down by heavier creams. To avoid piling (those little balls that form when you use too much product), wait for your skin to absorb the thicker creams before you apply them.


3. Apply less product

In skincare, “more is not better” is not a good idea. Applying too much moisturizer can cause your skin to pill or block pores. It’s also a waste of money and product because your skin won’t absorb the entire thing.


4. Always double cleanse

We love double cleansing, and it has completely transformed our skin. You can clean your skin twice to remove all dirt, oil, and pollution from the day. This will give you a completely clean base on which to apply your nighttime skincare routine.


5. Always do a patch test

To avoid irritation or allergic reactions, it is important to do a patch test before you use any new product. To test how the product reacts to your skin, apply a small amount to your inner arm.


6. Use expired products only

You shouldn’t hold onto products that have expired beyond their expiry date. Your beloved beauty products can harbor bacteria, especially if they are used frequently. This can cause irritations and infections, as well as make your makeup-less effective. Products can start to produce toxic toxins over time that can cause skin and health problems. It’s best to throw out any products that you don’t remember where they were purchased, such as your foundation, eyeliner, makeup, or SPF.

Naked Sundays Coupons 2022

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