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Why is it that photographers edit pictures? 

download (8)

It made me think for a bit why these unedited pictures were being left at the bottom of the upgrade, in favor of their edited pictures taken by both professional and amateur photographers, and also why photographers bother to edit pictures whatsoever! — the answer is quite easy.

Before buying an SLR most budding photographers feel frustrated with the limitations of compacts and cell phones. Mostly as they are unable to capture through the camera exactly what they see with their eyes.

The budding photographer buys an SLR with a wider-angle lens and items get better, the subject of opinion is closer to that of their eyes! On the other hand, the image doesn’t represent precisely the primary reason why the photographer was motivated to catch the scene in the first case. It frequently lacks the emotion, drama, comparison and the overall moment of what they saw… and this is where editing comes in.

If you think about just how crap a camera really is compared to our eyes and our brain, it’s little wonder why we will need to do something about the pictures it generates. Contrary to our eyes, the camera produces 2D pictures. It is duped by light and dark regions inside the scene and frequently must compensate logically, at the expense of reality. It will not see that which we see, it only captures a scene we point it at in the very best way it could.

ObObviously, a photographer who’s competent can optimize exposure by knowing exactly how their camera performs under various lighting situations, and this will remove the need for repairing issues in editing, but it is always restricted by what the camera is able to capture.

However, our eyes:

  • Have significantly more contrast and dynamic range than any other camera or monitor.
  • Can see in the deepest shadows, whilst not allowing us to be blinded by brighter lights within our area of view.
  • Are connected to our mind which fills in missing visual data and is better than any camera processor.
  • Don’t suffer from chromatic aberration and wide-angle stimulation.
  • Do not collect dust stains — and if they do make us hurt until we remove them!
  • Turn a picture the perfect way up even when we are squint.

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