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12 Unique Kinds of Stones for Wedding Rings:


Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend but for those a bit more gothic, onyx may be the better option. Traditionally seen in its natural type of black, onyx is a wonderful option for those seeking to show their darker aspect. Black rock is a way to be stand out and is a classic appearance. You might even set this with black diamonds for a completely distinctive look.


This stone, if well-cut is perfectly amazing. A stunning pale blue color, they are able to look pricey although they aren’t. Aquamarine is referred to as a blessed stone, so for the superstitious, this might be an excellent wedding ring option. This rock is also rather hardy, meaning it’s an excellent option to continue the wear and tear a wedding ring will go through.


If you want your wedding band to be noticed, you may choose to select one with a purple stone. Also, a wonderful choice if purple is the favorite color when well cut this stone is able to look stunning on a wedding ring. It is a really durable rock and is significantly cheaper than the usual diamond. You might choose to set the gems with other colors to give an exceptional look and if you’re a fan of rose gold, amethyst is an ideal stone to put onto an improved gold wedding band.


Even the birthstone of September this grim gemstone can also come in many hues like white, pink and green. Sapphires are a very hard mineral and just marginally less expensive than diamonds, meaning that they are a perfect alternative for a wedding ring. A white sapphire may also appear like a diamond. Even though a little sparkly, they cost less, meaning you can find a larger stone to get a lesser cost.


A really romantic rock, this pretty pale pink gemstone is ideal for a wedding ring. It seems amazing by itself or surrounded in a halo of small diamonds. This stone is just one of the most popular up and coming alternatives to diamond. These can be a little more on the price scale, but if you are looking for something different than diamonds they are a wonderful buy.


This can be a far more alternative and fashionable stone if you’re actually searching for something a little less traditional. This stone can come in vivid blue color in addition to being somewhat paler, with flecks of copper and aluminum shining through.


Emerald is a gorgeous green rock and ideal for nature lovers or those born in May since this is the birthstone for May babies. Emeralds were very popular before and if you are a fan of all things retro, they might be the perfect option of rock that’s right for you, especially when set on a contemporary ring with different stones.


If you’re interested in the standard appearance, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Diamonds could be costly, but you could have the ability to find them cheaper if you shop around or look for a lesser carat size. There are a number of tips and tricks to finding diamonds for less, as they are powerful they could last a lifetime. If you want to dazzle with the ring on your finger, then diamonds would be the way to do so.


If you are a lover of all things red, garnets are a gorgeous alternative to diamonds, or even as a pair with diamonds. Garnet is rather a classic stone and will appear timeless and chic in almost any wedding ring. Not quite as hard as rubies, but in a lesser cost, this really is a stunning choice for the more traditional bride.


If you’re dying to have a diamond wedding ring, however, you cannot afford the cost, moissanite is the solution you’re on the lookout for. When first discovered, these stones have been mistaken for diamonds as they are almost identical; you and others will not understand the difference. Almost as hard as diamonds too, these stones are durable and will last the distance. With as much glamour without the enormous price tag, moissanite is a terrific substitute.

Lapis Lazuli:

Not quite famous stones, lapis lazuli will make stunning wedding rings using their special flecks of gold and silver colors. A matte blue color, this rock is ideal teamed with a gold wedding band. These can also be extremely inexpensive but they are softer meaning they could become scratched more easily and might have to be replaced every couple of years. That said, lapis lazuli might be a good option whilst you save up for this diamond.


A dazzling rock that comes in several beautiful hues, topaz is another excellent option for wedding rings. Although traditionally considered as blue, this stone can also be green, pink, orange and red depending on its imperfections.

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