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Plants that thrive in water An easy, clean method for houseplants to grow

I’m in love with my ever-growing selection of house plants however, I admit to being an unintentionally negligent plant parent. Due to this, I’ve learned to concentrate on plants that thrive in water. There’s no dirt to spill, or worries about animals digging into my home plants. Additionally, there are less insects (no fungus and gnats!) and I’ve come across a variety of wonderful house plants that thrive in a glass or jar or a vase that is filled with water that is clean. If you’re interested in learning more about the plants that thrive in water, then read on!

Why do we concentrate on plants that thrive in the water?

There are numerous reasons to plant the plants that are able to grow in the water of your garden in your home. Here are five advantages to cultivating plants such as heartleaf philodendron and golden pothos that thrive in water.

The plants that thrive in water require less attention. While I have an enormous, flourishing outdoors garden, I’ll confess that I struggle to maintain the health the indoor plant life. The most difficult thing is watering. If you’re not a diligent waterer such as me or you’re prone to overwatering your plants, putting them in water is an easy solution. (For information on the frequency you should water your houseplants look up this article by Empress of Dirt)

A less mess. My plant stands windowsills, tables and my countertop which I plant herbs under the plant light always have soil bits scattered about the pots. Cat owners also understand that cats frequently like digging into the soil of plants in the house. Plants that are grown in water mean there is no soil that has to be cleaned off from routine care or pets.

Less bugs. Houseplant pests like the fungus gnats can be extremely irritating. The eggs are laid in soils of indoor pots and the larvae feed upon soil-based fungi. There is no soil problem!

Find more plant life! Growing plants in water is a simple method to grow indoor plants, such as begonias coleus, and spider plants. After being clipped and put in water the stems of a variety of tropical plants grow roots. It could be a long time, but at the end, you can transfer the roots to the soil in a pot or take pleasure in them while they are in water.

Beautiful Displays. I love the simple visual appeal of displaying some of the indoor plant I have in glass, vases or any other container.

The most ideal containers for plants that thrive in the water

Every vase, glass bottle, or jar can be used for growing plants. When selecting a container, I like to match it with the dimensions that the plants will be. A freshly cut stem might require a tiny bottle or small bowl of water. However, as it develops, it will require being moved to a bigger container. Here are some ideas for containers to grow house plants in water:

  • Vases Vases are available in various shapes sizes, shapes, and colours. They could be made of glass or made of clay or another material. Make sure that they’re watertight to prevent leaks. For a single stem , or two, use a vase that has an elongated neck to keep the plant in place.
  • Jars – Do you have a assortment of glass containers hidden in a corner of their kitchen, pantry or basement? I used these jars for use as containers for root cuttings and to serve as permanent homes for houseplants.
  • Glasses In my home, broken glasses don’t end up into the trash. Instead they’re filled with pieces of greenery.
  • Test tubes One of the most popular methods to show houseplants in water is to use the test tube set. These are available at a laboratory, science shop, or even online. There are copycat test tubes specifically designed for use with plants. The tubes with a narrow width are excellent plant propagators when you’re rooted cuttings in water or can showcase the stems of a single plant. There are similar products made of bamboo stands, glass bulbs and wooden ones.
  • Vases and wall-mounted vases The plants that thrive in water do not require sunlight they can be put on the wall in containers similar to vessels and vases. There are a myriad of designs and sizes to choose from that range from test tubes made of wood as well as hanging glass globes, and even wall-mounted vessels.

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