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Different Types of Batteries Used in Watches:



The lithium-ion battery is small but powerful, with a power of 3 volts — the greatest available — and a lifetime of around a decade when utilized in a low-drain watch. Even though it will shorten its lifespan, the lithium battery can also be utilized at opinion with lights or other energy-draining features.


The mercury sees battery, typically smaller than the Lithium, has the potential of 1.36 volts using an endurance comparable to that of the alkaline but with much more consistent voltage. However, mercury as an element is highly poisonous, so be sure to dispose of a used battery in a safe way. In certain places, the mercury battery was prohibited entirely.


Among ordinary watch, batteries are the least costly, a 1.5-volt alkaline battery. It’s frequently the beginner battery in low-priced watches. It’s not unusual for such a battery, but also known as a button cell because of its size and shape, to operate down within months of being installed. Until you replace it, then you may experience inconsistent voltage that will impact the validity of your timepiece.

Silver Oxide

The silver oxide battery is the most common type. Generally is smaller compared to the germ and lasts about half a length. The 1.62-volt capacity cell shares the mercury’s consistent voltage and is constructed in an identical way. Its elevated energy-to-weight ratio means the battery should last a long time; however, silver material gets the silver oxide expensive to make.


High-tech solar cells have been fueled by the light that reaches them Through the watch face, which means you do not ever need to change the battery life. Additionally, solar Batteries do not contain any of the harmful substances found in routine Batteries, therefore disposal isn’t a concern.

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