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Quick Guide To Hospital Bed Options

As individuals age, the type of bed one sleeps in becomes a very important consideration. This is especially true for seniors who are feeble or unwell, and also for these individuals, having a hospital bed suited for their needs can be a big benefit. As these people can spend several hours lying in bed, so it is important to have the correct one.

Hospital beds have many benefits on your typical mattress, both in terms of comfort and the different features available, such as adjusting the height. The features of hospital beds benefit not only patients but also caregivers and family members, making things easier for them too.

Hospital Mattress Types

When selecting home care or hospital mattress, there are two main forms to choose from; guide hospital beds and electric hospital beds. Manual hospital beds are far much less expensive but also comes with fewer attributes. It does move up and down but the adjustments must be carried out manually, which is quite a strain on the patient’s caregiver. If height adjustments won’t be done on a regular basis, a guide bed could possibly be a good fit for you (and your budget! )). Electric hospital beds are available in complete electric and semi-electric options. Full electric beds permit the height of their bed and the feet and head to be adjusted with a distant, while a semi-electric mattress only includes electric height adjustments, while the feet and head adjustments are guides. So again, depending on the situation of the patient a semi-electric bed might work for some while in other cases a complete electric hospital bed will be required.

Hospital Bed Sizes

A regular size hospital bed is 80 inches long and 36 inches wide. However, there are beds that go up to 94 inches and 54 inches wide. Hospital beds also are available in many different weight options. Typically a bariatric hospital mattress offers a higher weight capacity and larger dimensions. A lot of those beds come with wheels which make them easy to move from one spot to another whenever required.

Hospital Bed Accessories

Depending on the mattress you select, a hospital bed may come with the mattress, the rails, both or none.

Hospital Mattress Types

You will frequently be given an option to choose the type of mattress to go with your hospital bed, the typical ones being either foam or innerspring. However, there are lots of other types which are used for different conditions or for avoiding mattress nausea. These specialized mattress options include alternating pressure relief mattresses and very low air loss mattresses.

Rails for Hospital Beds

It is smart to have rails on the side of the mattress to protect the patient from falling out. Depending on your specific needs, you may prefer either half rails or complete rails. To learn more about bed rails, have a look at this guide to bed rails.


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