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Benefits of makeup

Chances are, you have a drawer full of half-used eyeshadow palettes, lightly used blushes, and tiny eye pencils in various shapes. Custom makeup is designed to help you enhance your features and facial beauty by defining, highlighting, highlighting, tinting and coloring, but finding your perfect color can be expensive and require daily application. skills and can take time. We offer skin solutions, both medicinal and cosmetic. One of our specialty services to help you look beautiful is permanent makeup. Under the guidance of Master Esthetician Michele Meinhart, FNP, our permanent makeup artists work with you to create the long-lasting look you love.

In this blog, let’s take a closer look at permanent makeup, explain where you can apply it, and look at four of its benefits.

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is not like traditional makeup that you put on and take off every day. Rather, it is a cosmetic tattoo that lasts for up to three years. To enhance facial features or add contour, our professionals apply tattoos, or pigments, into the surface of your skin. Once the color is on, you can’t wash it off. Although it is called permanent, it wears off slowly over many years.

Permanent makeup
Your dermatologist applies your permanent makeup the same way a tattoo is applied with a fine needle. Depending on your needs, your appearance can be dramatic or subtle. Some of the most popular permanent makeup procedures are for:

Lip color
Hair imitation
Raise the eyebrows

If you’ve had breast reconstruction, you may be interested in areola resurfacing, which is a treatment similar to permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup offers four main benefits:

Saving time
When you think about the time you spend in front of the mirror applying makeup every morning, and multiply that by days and weeks, that’s a very valuable time of your time. Add to that the time you spend retouching or touching it during the day, washing it at night, and you are looking at hours and hours of your life in a year. Permanent makeup eliminates the need to apply, reapply, and remove makeup, saving you valuable time.

No maintenance
If you’re active and out and about, you’d love to be able to ride, bike, swim, run, walk and sweat without your makeup running and it is cleansing. You are fresh and beautiful every day!

Allergy free

If you can’t wear traditional makeup because you get rashes, itchy skin, or tears, then you might want to avoid looking and investing more in makeup for Skin may or may not work. .

Reduces skin problems
Permanent makeup is a popular option for those suffering from alopecia or chemotherapy, those who have scars from an accident or facial surgery, or those who want to reduce the damage of acne. or birth defects.

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