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To each vaper out there, the reason every individual has a Favorite vape juice is the fact that it is what enriches their experience most. Much like having distinct preferred flavours of ice cream and sodas, the same could be said regarding vape juices. Nevertheless, your choice of vape juice flavour might be more than simply what flavours you enjoy best. It may be a reflection of your personality! Keep reading to find out which flavour you have to search for yourself.

The Correlation Between Allergic and Character

After plenty of research, scientists have found that there Is a correlation between the kind of food and character of an individual. If this is said about meals, why not for vape juices?

With that said, here are 3 personalities and which Flavours are usually favored:

  1. The Leader Sort

If you find a hardworking, reliable, and frequently Taking up places as a leader, your favorite vape juice flavor may just function as a green apple. And do not be surprised when it applies to you, or any of your vaping buddies who are leaders that are actual. Lots of leaders out there love green apple.

  1. The Chatty Sort

If you are the chatty sort, then you should have a procedure with blueberry flavored vape juice. Individuals who lean into this flavor tend to be a bit egocentric, only caring for the affairs, nevertheless, risk-takers although maybe not to this extreme. They like to be the center of attention and chit chat with the people they care about the most. That said, if you end up always yearning for focus (or doing things to get that) and appreciate a fantastic conversation with folks around you, try out sour vape juice if you haven’t yet.

  1. The Safe Sort

If you like to perform life securely, do not be surprised if you tend to lean towards traditional vape juice tastes, like tobacco. People who adore traditional vape juices hardly ever have risks or put themselves in uncomfortable situations. They aren’t the adventurous sorts, and will often lay behind the scenes to observe in the distance. Yet there are a few of those people from other character types that love old fashioned flavors, especially those who have been smoking for several years and only moved into vape juices with an acquired taste for cigarette smoking.

Surprised that you Can relate to these personalities and the vape juice said is the favorite? That’s cool, is not it? Naturally, you don’t need to restrict yourself to only 1 flavor. Proceed and you may find out other flavors that you can enjoy no matter your own personality type. Try out all of the different flavors and share them with your buddies. Note down their styles and their preference of vape juice flavor. You would be surprised just how there is going to be a correlation. You can use the data to produce recommendations to newbies into the vape planet, and possibly to guide your choices when choosing your next vape juice.

Looking for Most Realistic Tobacco E-Liquid:

Vape Juice is an essential and decisive variable that Convinces new vapers to either stick or abhor vaping. It plays an important part for folks who wish to quit smoking, as it is where many beginners foundation their very first vaping experience evaluation. Vapers are switched off with an awful, artificial tasting, compound smelling e-liquids.

To adhere to vaping, one must find the most appropriate All-day vape juice which will match his or her taste. Otherwise, there is a wonderful likelihood of simply going back into the cancerous sticks that are packaged with poisonous chemicals and free radicals. For the sake of gratifying cravings for its conventional tobacco flavor and combustion-produced neck struck, an individual may opt to come back to the habit instead of’smoke’ ill-favored vapor.



Using a musky flavor That’s both clean and daring, the USA Blend is sure to meet the cowboy inside of you. In the event the fruitier flavors do not interest you, the USA Blend tastes the way you always hoped an e-cigarette could.


The same as the mother used to create! Or maybe even better. This wealthy Taste is sure to satisfy and does not include all those carbs.

I discovered my new love. This is simply the best taste I have Tried yet. As a result of these wonderful reviews above I decided to check it out and I could do backflips right now. I haven’t put this down because it arrived in the mail today. I jumped online and ordered that a 30 skillet. This only made my entire vaping experience attain an all-time high. Thank you for creating such a wonderful flavor.


If you are looking for that extremely sweet flavor, this is it. The very first time I vaped it. The BlueRasperry is the principal flavor I tasted, and then the cotton candy pops in because the aftertaste leaving you to Jaw Dropped on how delicious it was. Very Well made product, worth every cent!


Do not pass up this one. Peach green tea is more subtle, smooth, And can ease your spirit. The perfect taste to vape following a long evening of work.

My Initial 120 ML buy, after trying the sample I had to Possess more. Probably the very best flavor on this site with a close moment being Fuzzy Navel, both of which I get OTR.


The refreshing taste of Watermelon Wave will possess you spitting seeds. A must-try for lovers of tasty e liquids.

I love Watermelon Wave. It is easily distinguishable As watermelon & informs me of watermelon jolly ranchers. Super sweet & absolutely remarkable. Needed to go get more. I am so happy they opened a storefront at vegas!


Another Wonderful cocktail taste, making this sweet and Sour flavor”frozen” is a sign of menthol that’ll keep you cool.

Have to say this is my favorite. I love the tartness paired With the coolness. I get tired of tastes pretty quickly, but I will retain vaping this without it becoming old.


This juice is a nice, lively vape you may enjoy all day. Perfect equilibrium of rosemary and peach flavor, this eJuice might very well become your favorite.

A buddy of mine recommended I try this taste. I am not an Enthusiast of Peach flavor in any way, however, according to her advice that I tried this taste Last time I was at PSV. Wow!!! For my amazement was this flavor great. This is by far my favorite taste that I have tried at PSV. This is really a HOMERUN. Great As an all-day vape. I’ll Be ordering a big bottle of the flavor next time I Go to Pink Spot Vapors. Thanks, PSV for such an incredible taste.

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