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In many gardens, a tea plant is something to be honored. Due to the care requirements of tea, and the fact that the plant is not as good looking as others, home gardeners rarely plant it. Tea is originally from China, but it is now grown throughout the world in many places. One large grower of tea now is India. The process of growing, harvesting, and preparing the leaves is different in each part of the world. This is what gives different kinds of tea their unique characteristics and flavors. When growing tea, the time when you choose to harvest it plays an important role in the finished product.

New plants need the proper soil in order to grow well. These young tea plants are also more susceptible of dying from drought during their first years. Pruning should be done early to get rid of straggling long shoots and to keep the height down. This should be done during its first and second years of growth. After the plants are about three years old, small crops can generally be picked. Then every following year, the harvest becomes larger until the tea plants are around nine years old. When they reach this age, the plants will be mature and give high yields of leaves.

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China and Japan are major producers for tea purchased in England. Now there are a great number of farms growing specifically tea of high quality. A common method of leaf processing after they have been picked is to cure the leaves. The leaves are dried on shallow trays for about three hours. After that, pans are heated and the leaves are placed on them for a few minutes while being shaken to avoid burning them and eliminate moisture. Crackling noises may occur during this process. Then workers put the leaves on a table to be rolled into small balls. This squeezes out moisture and rings out the leaves. Workers then shake out the balls and repeat the process as needed. After that, the leaves are further dried for a few hours under low heat. Packaging and sorting can then occur. The leaves are now ready to produce delicious beverages. The leaves are often sifted before packaging to remove dust that was formed during the cure process. Green tea is the name for this kind of tea. Different methods of processing will create different varieties of teas. Popular companies today like iherb sell Tazo tea and Yogi tea which offer many flavors. Many companies today now add spices and herbs in addition to tea leaves.
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