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How Sunglasses Can Secure Your Eyes:

How the sun damages eyes

“UV rays enter the eye and also penetrate through the This may be harmful in many ways. In the short term, overexposure to sunlight can cause Irritating effects such as bloodshot eyes, swollen eyes or hypersensitivity to light. These effects are usually temporary.

In the long run, unfiltered light can damage not just the Cornea but also the lens of their eye, the skin of the cheek as well as the retina. This may lead to growths in the eye, premature cataract formation and macular degeneration, states Ming Wang, M.D., founding director of Wang Vision 3D Cataract and LASIK Center at Nashville. “It can also lead to certain types of skin cancers that are difficult to treat because of their location close to the fragile structures of the uterus,” he says. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that 10% of all skin cancers are observed on the anus.

Additional risk factors

  • The simple fact of aging may increase your Odds of But once people have had cataract operation — that is often performed between ages 50 and 70 — that the danger increases even more.
  • “While most intraocular lens models implanted during That’s why it’s especially critical for folks to wear sunglasses after having this surgery, he adds.
  • Certain medications can also increase the risk of Photophobialight sensitivity, which may cause distress, the need to squint or close the eyes and headaches. “Even some over-the-counter pain relievers — notably ibuprofen and naproxen — have been shown to bring about painful mild sensitivity as a side impact,” he notes. Sunglasses can help in such instances too.
  • For expert tips to help feel that you’re very best, get AARP’s monthly Health newsletter.

How to protect your sight

The use of shades may help to reduce the likelihood of Harm, Wang says. However, it depends on the set you pick and how you wear them.

Eye-protection Advice from the pros:

“When shopping for Sunglasses, it is very important to verify that they block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays and display out 75 to 90% of visible light,” Pierce says.

• think about the contour. “The best sunglasses are such that

• Do not let the tint color fool you. The color of the lenses Does not determine the protection, Wang says. “Lighter-tinted glasses can nevertheless provide powerful security.”

• Elect for”polarized.” This Sort of lens reduces Reflections off flat surfaces, such as water, snow and the hood of a car. “While polarization isn’t essential to offer extra protection, it will reduce this source of eye strain,” Wang notes.

• Realize they are not just for sunny summer days. Pros Suggest wearing sunglasses even on cloudy days.

Pierce says the sun’s beams can actually be harmful During the winter — particularly at high altitudes and onto reflective surfaces like snow and ice.

Secondly, clouds do not provide complete protection from sunlight. “In Partial sun or clouds, UV light penetrates through and it’s nevertheless a good idea to put on sunglasses,” Wang says.

• Go for quality, not necessarily name. Many people Is that clever? “Frequently you’re spending for the tag and the appearance,” Wang says. “However, they are generally utilizing higher-quality lenses as well.”

Lower-cost sunglasses frequently meet the minimum requirements, Also, he says. “However, you will need to work with more caution to make sure that the lenses do actually meet the criteria.” It is possible to take any set of sunglasses to an optometrist, that will test the lenses to be sure they supply the correct UV protection.

• Wear them over contacts. Some contact lenses offer UV protection, but they should nevertheless be worn with shades to optimize eye protection, as stated by the AOA.

• Don’t forget kids. “Spray sunglasses early in your life is particularly important because children often spend far more time outdoors than adults,” Wang says. “Sunglasses may have protective effects against damage occurring much later in life.”

• Proceed beyond shades. “Implementing sunscreen around the eyes And sporting a hat or visor along with sunglasses can help improve defense,” says Pierce.

• Avoid looking directly in sunlight. You have heard this Advice during eclipses, but it’s true all the time. “If somebody looks directly In the sun at any moment without security,” Wang says, “it can cause temporary or permanent damage to the retina.”

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