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How to Choose and Maintain The Top Shaker Bottle

Shaker bottles come with many names. They may be called shaker cups. Maybe you’ve heard of mixing bottles. Perhaps the phrase handheld mixer is not a new concept to you. If you search online you’ll find them called blender bottles. No matter what the name shaker bottles are now more sought-after than ever before and won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

For something that is sold quickly today, the majority of shaker bottles are merely gadgets. They serve many essential functions, making perfect for use in the workplace, gym, and for taking along in the event of a drive for a short period of time. If you’re trying to make the most of your bottle, it’s important to learn how to select the right one. It is also important to be aware of how to maintain it correctly. Here’s some tips to aid you with both.

What Are Shaker Bottles?

A basic understanding of shaker bottles can aid you in starting started on the right path. Shaker bottles are specially-designed bottles intended to be used to store non-carbonated beverages. This kind of bottle has the lid designed to fit snugly and prevent any liquid to leak out. It also has an element which makes it simple for you to combine the ingredients. This is useful in the event that the drink you’re drinking might be separated.

What Types of Materials are used for Shaker Bottles?

The majority of shaker bottles are constructed by using a variety of material. The lid and the body are usually made from the same material. However, the mixing mechanism is usually created using a different type of material.

The lid and body of nearly every shaker bottle are constructed with high-quality plastic. Some of the most common plastic types are Tritan plastic and #2 HDPE plastic, or the #5 plastic PP. The plastics are all durable enough to be able to sit on the topmost level of dishwashers that are standard and not suffer any damage.

Although plastic is a popular alternative, there are many alternatives available. Shaker bottles are constructed from aluminum or stainless steel. It’s not uncommon for stainless steel bottles to be sealed. It’s a great option if you need to ensure that the contents remain at an even temperature.

This mixing device is typically constructed from stainless steel. This is the case even when the body is made of plastic and is not insulated. The best option is to use high-quality surgical stainless steel as it’s simpler to keep tidy. The best structure for the system, like mixing balls, work well with the particular design of these bottles.

What Are the Most Important features of a Shaker Bottle?

It is common to see shaker bottles are made with 20 oz or 28 oz sizes. Although the exterior looks like any other type of water bottle, they have an exclusive feature inside. Instead of a flat-bottomed bottom, shakers typically come with round bottoms. In conjunction with the actions from the mixer ball it’s easier to ensure that there aren’t any lumps of material that have accumulated on the bottom of the bottle.

The lid design has features to help keep spills out. There are many bottles with lids that snap on and are then strengthened with snaps that hold it in the right place. The seal is secure enough to keep any liquid from spilling out even when you turn the bottle upside down. Flip caps make it simple to sip a drink and then close the bottle and be sure that no liquid spills.

The bottles are also marked with labels that allow you to figure out how much liquid or powder to add. Most designs will ensure that the markings are milliliters and ounces.

In addition to regular designs, you can make custom shaker bottles which can be engraved with the company’s logo, name or any other visual element. This is a fantastic option to ensure that your bottle is distinct from other bottles you use at the gym or on your commute.

Certain of the shaker bottles’ materials are specially treated to prevent the retention of scent. Although most people don’t intend on leaving their protein shake in their bottles longer than a couple of days however, one of the things you don’t want to worry about is something that introduces smells and alters the taste of your next shake. In addition to washing the bottle after each use, it’s logical to choose bottles that claim to be impervious to odors.

What Size Shaker Bottle Do I need?

Because there’s many sizes for shaker bottles it’s recommended to pick a bottle that’s likely to accommodate more than you typically drink in one sitting. For instance, you could typically only carry 15 ounces of protein drink, and believe that a 20-ounce bottle would suffice. You might want to consider a 28-ounce bottle instead. While you might normally utilize the bottle exercising however, the bigger bottle can be useful in the event that you’re traveling for a long time.

Keep in mind that all shaker bottles are made to fit into cup holders that are found in cars manufactured in the year 2000. The top of the larger bottles will not be much wider than smaller ones. The only difference that is noticeable is the size.

What can I expect to Pay For A Shaker Bottle?

Like many other products it’s possible to invest a bit on shaker bottles, or you could choose an item that’s more expensive. The capacity of the bottle will have an influence on the cost however, there’s another aspect which is likely to increase costs for the unit.

It is true that plastic bottles are generally cheaper. This is particularly true when the plastic is thinner or cheaper is used in the bottle’s style. However, the majority of plastic shaker bottles are were sold at lower than $10.00 USD per bottle.

Shaker bottles made from metal are costlier however, not the amount that many believe. You can purchase stainless steel bottles for less than $20.00 USD, and there are others that cost up to $30.00 USD. If you consider that you’ll use the bottle for a long period of time and even the more expensive bottles are reasonably priced.

Another factor could affect the cost. It’s the addition of some sort of customisation. If you’re purchasing customized shaker bottles to giveaway at a trade fair or other promotion such as the logo, slogan or some other special feature to the bottles can raise the price per bottle.

How do I Use a Shaker Bottle Correctly?

Shaker bottles can be used for a variety of purposes. The majority of manufacturers recommend that you add the mixing mechanism as well as your liquid at first. Once you’ve done that then add the powder and any flavor enhancers you enjoy. Then close the lid. The bottle should be shaken vigorously about 30 seconds. Take off the lid and check whether everything is blended correctly. If you notice any lumps, remove the lid, and shake the mixture again.

What Shaker Bottle Is The Most Effective?

With a variety of shaker containers, it’s hard to determine which would best suit your needs. In the end it is likely that the best bottle will be big enough for your needs, include the features you need and also be within a cost range you think is acceptable.

If you plan on using Shaker bottles in the home or to take them to the gym the plastic bottles are likely to work. For those who frequently travel or prefer to carry shakes with protein for work might consider going using a bottle made of metal instead. The metal has an elegant appearance and is able to stand up to the stress of traveling.

What is the best Shaker Bottle for Protein?

Metal and plastic shaker bottles are both excellent choices to shake protein. To a certain extent it comes down to individual preferences. There are some things to be aware of which could lead you toward one direction or other.

Plastic bottles usually make it easier to determine the amount of product that remains. It is also possible discern if there’s any clumps of material that appear to have settled at the bottom. It is easy to determine that you have shake the bottle a shake prior to taking your next drink.

Metal bottles look better. This makes them more appealing when you intend to keep one on your desk at workplace. The fact that they’re typically insulated means that you’ll be able to keep your shake of protein cold for longer time. If you like mixing proteins with other ingredients to create hot drinks You can also count on the beverage to stay warmer for longer durations.

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